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a setting affects system function and performance.

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5 answers

Why is the settings icon either associated with gears or a wrench + screwdriver

I was wondering what the association between gears and settings is because the symbolism/iconography is not clear to me. I can see that in the old days people might have used the wrench or screwdriver ...
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3 answers

How to inform user that settings are in localstorage, and apply to this browser only?

I have a settings page in this web app where a user can configure the categories of notifications that they want to show or hide. How can I inform the user that these settings are not global (i.e. ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Grouping unrelated settings

I'm setting up some options/settings pages for a wordpress theme. There are a lot of options and I think splitting them up will help navigating the different controls. I'm thinking of splitting the ...
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2 answers

Research and guidelines for settings, menus and control panels

I'm currently redesigning a System Settings page, which is a mix of preferences/configuration, functions, control panel and settings menus. So far I've taken layout inspiration from various control ...
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2 answers

Displaying custom vs default settings

In many interfaces, there is a set of default settings and then a need for the user to be able to override those with custom settings. Do you have any examples of how to handle this well in an ...
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2 votes
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Google Chrome's setting/option icon a variation of the hamburger menu?

I noticed on a recent Google Chrome update that the setting/option icon changed from the wrench to three dots, which I thought was interesting as this seemed to related to the 'more' symbol but turned ...
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Changing between privacy type of profile attributes

The privacy settings page will list all the user profile attributes like Name, Age, School, Work, Hobbies, Contact Info etc. sans their values. The user can then choose which of the attributes to make ...
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advanced settings and default settings in different screens

I have this step by step configuration flow, to help people create an object. 
The idea is to show the required configurations on the surface, and more advanced settings, below this layer - because ...
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