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A game with a "serious" purpose

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progression rates and values of enjoyment in RPG games (loot systems, hard bosses, easy bosses, etc) [closed]

I've been programming an MMORPG with my team and we've come to a disagreement with what the player base might find enjoyable with content. Is the lore the best part for most? Do some just play the ...
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Conveying another user's vision impairment

I'm developing a serious game for collecting behavioral data and I need to convey to each player some status information about the other players in the game. One piece of information I wish to convey ...
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Can a serious gaming app have a drama? [closed]

A good tv series is addictive, a good film makes people cry. The emotions people experience in a film might be transferable into serious gaming (games that serve a purpose), for instance "a loosing ...
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Is Serious Games the same concept as Gamification?

When looking at this question, I was asking myself: Where are conceptual differences? Except that Gamification is a Game added to a serious topic, while a serious game approaches it from the opposite ...
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