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The study of signs and their meaning, generally encompassing communication as well as the meaning of symbols such as words or icons.

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What can we do to make UX Stack Exchange badges accessible?

In Stack Exchange, the three main Badge types (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) are differentiated with color alone. This would be challenging for users with color blind related issues to identify Badge ...
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Iconography: How to define the "lexical level"?

With respect to symbols or icons, the conceptual level is defined as the viewer's mental model; the semantic level is the meaning it conveys; the syntactic level is attributed to its esthetic quality ...
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When did the concept of flagging start?

Seeing another question at UX.SE related to flagging, I realized that flagging is always associated to a negative connotation. I understand that Flags are Used to Convey Messages (such as Naval Flag ...
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Is there a name for commonly accepted significance on iconography?

Just to illustrate what I mean, take a look at this image: This is a commonly accepted sign for bathrooms. Note that there are no references to a bath or toilet, but a man and a woman shape. Now, I'...
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How to test icons with users?

In an web-app we have a bunch of command functions, each represented with an icon and a label. We've done usability testing of the UI as a whole, and taken note that a couple of icons are a bit vague....
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Do shapes connote differing degrees of hazard?

I'm working on designing an icon set and experimenting with a few different styles. One style would involve every icon being the same color. However, color is really good at differentiating things ...
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What's an appropriate icon to represent an organisation? [closed]

Ok, so I need to use an icon to represent organisations in an otherwise boring list. What comes to my mind directly is either using something financially related, such as a small stack of coins, or ...
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Icon/Symbol to Represent "Done"? [closed]

I have a quiz-based application where users can leaf between questions and select answers. When they're done, there's a "done" button they click. I don't really have polished graphics skills, so I ...
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The psychology of everyday shapes

We know a lot about colours and how they affect people, but what do we know about shapes? When choosing icons or logos, how do the shapes in them affect their perception? Does anyone know of any ...
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What icon to use for archive and for restore? [closed]

In our web-app there is a message centre with a time-line of communications. We let the user move instances of these into what we are calling an archive. On each of the listed messages there appears a ...
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