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How an application is kept secure to prevent unauthorized access.

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How can companies mitigate the risks of PIN Codes guessing

So while I was driving, my wife was asked by her banking app to set up a 6 digits PIN Code. She immediately thought out loud : "Hmm... 6 digits ? I'm going to use the start of my phone number.&...
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Does OS security equals "perceived" security for users?

While this question originated primarily in MacOS Catalina and its new security features, I want to know how security measures are leveled with UX options so poor in the user's vision. Catalina's ...
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What is the best approach on recovering your login account if being hacked or logged in by different user

I'm a beginner in terms of UX. Your thoughts are highly appreciated. I love to discuss related to security with regards to a personal account on the mobile app that contains sensitive or important ...
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How to ask a user to verify their identity through OTP in the same flow as verifying their mobile number?

I'm working on integrating an OTP (one-time password) through SMS before a user is allowed to change their personal details. It's a banking environment, so the verification must be done regardless of ...
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