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in kinetic displays, scrolling is sliding text, images or video across a monitor or display

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Usability testing: what can be the best questions to ask a user to understand if they prefer infinite scroll vs pagination?

For example, has an infinite scroll. Let's say we want to change it to pagination. What can be the best questions to ask a user for a usability test?
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Carousel with focusable items

I have a carousel with partial display of the items on the far left/right. Every item has a button to open additional information under the carousel (the item then becomes "active" with some ...
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How can I prompt my site's users to scroll a table of data using (for instance) two-finger drag on their touchpad, rather than clicking the scrollbar?

I initially started off asking this question, on StackOverflow: I want to know if a user's touchpad has multi-touch capability. I think it's fairly trivial to detect WHEN multi touch is happening (or ...
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Alternative to side scrolling table for an infinite list of X-Axis checkbox items

I have a problem in which there is a table that does not have a predefined amount of columns or rows. i.e., for both the X and Y axis there is no limit. This invites a high probability of the user ...
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Informative mobile scrolling by tag or category

A designer came to one of our iOS engineers to show us some inspirations she saw with some iOS apps where they allow users to scroll by tag or category Some examples include Snapchat where if you go ...
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Maximum number of elements per item in acordion collapsed list

I try to show a list of 3,000 businesses of a city, within an acordion collapsed list, sorted alphabetically + Aa-At + Au-Bo + Bu-Ci + Co-Du ... When user clicks an item of the "index", it'...
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2 columns of a list, 1 scrollbar - is there a better solution?

This section is part of a larger form. Image shows a list. The reason I have 2 columns, is simply because I think it would be a waste of space, to just show 1 column. Most people have wide screens. I ...
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Improve experience when using anchor link from different touchpoints

My detail page on mobile app is setting with different sections and have a tab menu fixed on top when scrolling. The issue that I have right now is, each section can be a separate touchpoint on other ...
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How to efficiently show several very long alphabetical lists of 5,000 names

I've got a website that include information about 100,000 names, with 100,000 different URLs. 90% of my visitors come from Google, who search the "specific name" and reach the different ...
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Carousel view vs scroll view

I'm working on a mobile app that allows a user to take a photo, add information about it, and then share it. Would it be better to provide one scrolling view that contains all the information, or ...
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Is it common to have both horizontal and vertical scrolling for tables with fixed height?

I am working on a table of fixed height and due to the large data, I need both vertical and horizontal scrolling. Although, I am thinking that users might get confused. If it is ok to use them both, ...
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