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How to have a form and a preview of what the form generates on a small screen? [closed]

I am looking at this page: You find this pattern a lot, like with codesandbox and other places. I am thinking of putting ads on the left and right as persistent (320px width each), so ...
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How to use up more screen real estate in this onboarding flow?

I have this onboarding screen which is supposed to guide you through the creation of a dictionary term (define the term, add pronunciations, add recordings, etc., finish). The design is not fully ...
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Designing a home screen for a mobile app

I'd like to show the current day's load-shedding schedule on the home screen, but the design I have looks too empty to me. Any suggestions for things I can add to the screen ?
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Shall I set an expiration mechanism for a dismissible info banner?

I'm adding a new data column to a table on a back office page (the interface is desktop only) and I want to highlight this new feature by displaying an info banner on top of said table that spans the ...
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Simple way to determine the percent of various screen real estate commitments in competition?

In short, I want to analyse a number of web pages, let's say, specifically homepages of Vox and HBR (but also a dozen others). 1) I want to figure out how much screen real estate they're giving to ...
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Why would users prefer to use a diluted layout when given the choice?

Some web apps from Google such as Gmail and Drive offer a "comfortable" option with lots of wasted white-space, which I'll refer to as being diluted for lack of a better term. I'm creating a web app, ...
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How can I improve this master detail/grouping UI?

In my application, I have to represent a Work Order entity that has N Work Order Sections and each section has M sub-items. Currently, I'm representing this like so: Each Work Order has a bunch of ...
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2 answers

Why are desktop/laptop screens horizontally oriented?

Desktop/Laptop Screen Orientation One obvious difference when we design for desktop versus mobile is the orientation of the screen. Laptop screens are typically 16:9 or 16:10 screen ratio, which are ...
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Reducing data entry density

Here's a common situation: you need to capture input from the user about some complex entity, so you have a data entry field for every possible attribute of the entity: And the tabs each have even ...
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Display multiple options while preserving as much screen real-estate as possible

INTRODUCTION AND RELEVANT INFORMATION: I am designing user interface for entering test results. Number of tests performed range from no tests performed at all, up to 12. Let me try to explain this ...
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Real estate for "What is this" help text?

The web application I work has "What is this?" for most of the pages. Currently we place them at the top right corner. Tab occupies only 70% of available space and help text occupies 30% and the ...
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2 answers

How do I decide whether my app needs a landscape mode? Is landscape mode good to have as a best-practice?

I am building an app(for the phone), my dilemma is that am not sure whether I want to have landscape orientation or not. Since by default we hold our phones in portrait mode, isn't the expectation to ...
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how to deal with dynamic long forms going off the screen?

I'm working on a new feature that allows people to share items. To do this i'm overlaying a modal on our site with 10 e-mail address input fields. As you can see, because of the spacing on this ...
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Why do we waste so much Screen-Real-Estate? [closed]

Border around the screen this basically boils down to why dont make the whole front of device a screen and why have borders around everything on the screen too. Why not replace the material around ...
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How to structure data intensive view with form fields and master-detail?

I'm working on a product in which users work on one ore more tasks structured in a workflow. If a user opens such a task to work on it, he gets to see a view that breaks down into two areas: Input ...
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What are the usability benefits of using multiple monitors?

I've read a lot of articles suggesting that work patterns are more effective when using more than one monitor. But why is that the case, from an HCI perspective? And as follow-up questions, are there ...
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Should I use responsive design for an enterprise application used on a variable number of screens?

I'm designing UI for an enterprise application in which the users view their work environment in a single screen mode and dual screen mode (desktops only!). With this system, the users fill in ...
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How Do I Save Screen Real Estate While Still Giving My Application The Power It Needs?

I've developed an application that throughout the stages has evolved twice. The purpose of the application itself is display meaningful information in the smallest amount of space possible. The "...
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Multiple Monitors and screen corners

Most people in my workplace have multiple monitors with the primary monitor being to the left of the secondary one, and I have noticed that they have trouble closing applications. Generally, the ...
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Is 10 search results per page the best?

When there are a lot of search results they often are paginated. Most search engines I know show 10 results per page. I guess this was born out of an easy technical solution or habit. But I don't know ...
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