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how many users may be impacted by a certain action, how visible a feature is in the product, or how broad the features of a certain design need to be

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User Research Estimation

What are the units/factors you take into account when estimating or scoping your user research? Other than the business domain's complexity, remote/in-person research and the difficulty of participant ...
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What makes for a good upgrade experience for the end user in terms of release scope?

I'm trying to come up with a point of view of what should be in scope for a quarterly release. In my experience, some companies do upgrades very well. For example, upgrading to the latest Mac OS tends ...
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Search box on a mega-menu: Strange? Scope understood? [closed]

I have a mega-menu with links to different pages, a search field and a dropdown menu related to the search. However, the search is not for the items in the mega-menu, but for the items throughout all ...
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How to make a UX decision to bundle or separate applications

I'm contributing to an open source project and there's the question of features and scope. Right now I noticed in my daily work flow that we use a kanban board and hipchat. So the idea is to add ...
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How do you scope a UI redesign project without missing anything important?

I need to scope a project without making anything inconsistent. Basically, I have a few weeks to make a large system as good as possible, providing UI sketches and a Photoshop styleguide at the end of ...
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How can I deal with many buttons in a scope bar?

I am looking for a UI way to deal with more title buttons than one can put in a scope bar. All of the screenshot/examples I see only deal with 3 or 4 options. What if I have 10?
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Break up options in a drop down by scope

I'm working on a social application whose main component we'll call Object. On the Object view there is a drop down that can contain as many as 9 options. Some of these options impact only a single ...
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