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Changes or constraints to the UI or UX that come as a result of systems growing and/or shrinking in size or other complexity (and usually in large amount)

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What is the best screen size to start wireframing with?

I'm new to mobile app design and I'm looking for some help. I saw a number of screen sizes available in Adobe XD but I don't know which one is the best to start designing with. I've heard someone ...
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UI assign item to multiple targets

I need something really simple to be able to assign plan to multiple employees. First I was thinking about a list and u could just select the employees you want, but this would get really clunky ...
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2 votes
3 answers

Web application & scalable left side navigation

Background I am redesigning the navigation for a B2B web application, we are currently using a dropdown menu to help users navigate to different products. I would like to move towards left side ...
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4 answers

A scalable solution to define user-group membership

I am trying to solve this design question for my class. The problem is simple - there are thousands of users and I have to design a UI that lets you associate them with a group. I found this ...
8 votes
3 answers

Horizontal menus, do they scale?

I'm a user of a popular website that uses horizontal menus for navigation. As the site's functionality grows, the number of menu items also grow. As the horizontal space is limited, the design choice ...
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2 answers

Good ways to make a dynamic GUI?

I have an application I am designing and it's in a pretty functional state at the moment. But the database I am using has 1000's of items and is constantly changing and growing. The application of ...
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