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Patterns aimed at promoting sales to existing users (includes upselling, upgrades, and in-app purchases)

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Why does Amazon NOT fill the entire page width with products [duplicate]

Amazon seems to try show you as many options as possible, each being an attempt to get you to click on something to buy. However I was surpised to see they limit the page width, in the image below you ...
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For employee users in B2B platform hide premium features/content or show+lock them?

We are building a B2B platform for companies with relatively many employees. In the platform the regular employees can report their absence, and managers can handle their employees' absences. There ...
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How to best handle pricing between MVP and Live phases?

We are planning to launch a new consumer web application with 7 core features and services. While putting together the release roadmap we figured our MVP can be very solid if we included 3 of the 7 ...
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Salesmanship: How to differentiate two fulfilment statuses when both should seem attractive

My client is asking me to design text labels, iconography and colouring for two «fulfilment statuses» (apologies if that's the wrong term). Both should seem attractive to a potential customer. The ...
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How do I sell a Saas product online that is usually sold over the phone?

We are about to test the willingness of visitors to our website to 'buy now', as opposed to the usual method of 'get a demo' which would hand them over to a sales team who would call and close over ...
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How does "clickshaming" affect user experience?

As you can see in the bottom of the image, the button (or link) to cancel the popup is labeled "No thanks, I'd rather not hire the best." I can see why some websites do that, because users may feel ...
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Web Site Design Based on User Catagory

I am starting a building design consultancy (think architect, but not physical building design, building automation, AV instead, eco buildings, etc...). I want a website to push prospective clients ...
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How to improve billing address pattern?

I'm trying to find the best pattern to use in a sales service flow where some employers will be using an app to sale products in local stores. They will keep in touch with many clients so they need to ...
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How does publicly displaying market-based pricing affect sales?

I've seen a website promoting a software that shows a dynamic chart displaying the software price's variation over time : Saying : Pricing is market-based, increasing or decreasing proportionally ...
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Long form sales page techniques and / or examples? [closed]

I've worked with a number of UX experts over the last several months and while I have resisted going down the "long form" path, they have circled me back around to this time after time without fail. ...
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Why Do Long, Ugly Sales Pages Convert?

It seems impossible to avoid the litany of "snake oil" sales pages consisting of long, boring videos and endless (and I mean endless) text. These look like UX nightmares, and yet they're becoming ...
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Would intentionally slowing down UI help to increase sales on shopping sites?

I've noticed that iTunes store is always slow, at first I thought it's just because iTunes is a bloatware (which it is, on both Mac and Windows.) However I started to wonder whether this is ...
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Mobile App Using Notifications for Marketing -- What are the choices?

I was watching a webinar that explained some ways to market application upgrades and other applications produced by the same publisher. I didn't pay the massive price to get their kit, but I would ...
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