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Differentiate premium features from normal features

Context: I am designing for a B2B SaaS product and we want to lock features with the following states for different users: Locked State: For free-plan users not having access to add-on features and ...
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What is the best UI to override excluded values?

I am working on a SaaS application where the user has set a list of values to be excluded from all records (let's call them global exclusions). This is a list of 7-10 string values. When creating a ...
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Should all columns in a data table be provided the functionality of filtering?

In a data table with at least 20 columns and various data types, e.g. strings, numbers, categories, should we provide the functionality of every column being able to be filtered? Or only provide ...
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What is the best UX for navigating from a table to an individual record back to the table?

Let's say I have a table view with a list of records (in this case, transactions). A user can click on the Transaction ID to navigate to the individual transaction record in the same tab. If the user ...
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Table that mixes different type of data

I am designig a SaaS product and it has a table that is mixing different types of data. It's a sort of register that lists all customers' assets. It provides a ton of value to the users, giving them a ...
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Best practices for SaaS product package subscription flows?

I'm creating a flow of pricing for the Edtech product. I did a competitive analysis regarding this flow but I'm not fully satisfied with these flows. They follow 1-Home >> 2-Pricing >> 3-...
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pagination vs "load more" for a business applicaiton

I'm looking for usability studies that show the efficacy of Pagination vs Load More specifically for a table/list of data in a business/enterprise application, like a Software as a service (SAAS) app. ...
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2 answers

Display due date in user timezone or company timezone

Say there is a group of users in a company (which is my SaaS model). Company has a timezone on which it operates. Also, users have their own timezone. When creating an task/event, we get the due date ...
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I ask for your help in this crazy modal/dialog flow

CONTEXT We are sending companies to the clients from a draft list. The draft list can be viewed and reviewed by clients, who have to decide if they like or not these companies When clients like a ...
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Too many expanding panels, not enough room

The scenario: An enterprise software platform uses a collapsible left panel for its navigation and a collapsible right panel to show customer info. The customer info panel would be used side-by-side ...
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