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Questions tagged [responsive-design]

A design approach that delivers elegant user interfaces regardless of the size of the user's display or the limitations of the device.

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How we can relatively increase size of all elements [closed]

Am new to this forum. Actually I can horizontally increase all elements width by putting their width in percentage(%). So that in a normal wide screen the pages are rich with label and its associated ...
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How to turn generic widgets into responsive widgets [closed]

We offer a widget which is incorporated into random websites by injecting a div into a predetermined location on pages (not as iframe). A good example is 'people who bought this also bought' widgets ...
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Would a responsive design work for a yelp-like site/service?

I'm in the process of developing a review/rating site similar in functionality to Yelp (but on a smaller scale) and I'm going with a Mobile-First approach, and was wondering if I should just make the ...
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Tool - site that shows grid overlay? [closed]

Quick question - Does anyone know of a site where you can type in a url of someone else's site, and the site will show a grid overlay, or somehow show the grid system that that url uses? I could have ...
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Do you think responsive design is good for an enterprise website? [closed]

I have a few survey questions for developers that work on their company's website and are familiar with Responsive Web Design. I'm targeting developers whose role is more on the front end of the ...
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How to inform a designer to use a grid for responsive CSS? [closed]

How do you share information on a grid with a designer / design process, such that it helps in further coding of CSS of a responsive interface? Do you use any tools in a mock? Do you show blueprints ...
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How well does Google Maps work in a responsive environment?

When a Google map is embedded within a responsive design page, how does it render the map when the page is being viewed as a mobile layout. In other words, when shrunken down to a mobile layout, does ...
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Should i use a mobile theme or responsive theme for my fashion store? [closed]

I have a fashion store, then I decide to buy a new theme for my store. I am wondering whether to buy a mobile theme or responsive theme. I know a mobile theme is more fast loading and simple than ...
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