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A design approach that delivers elegant user interfaces regardless of the size of the user's display or the limitations of the device.

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7 votes
6 answers

What's the best "show navigation" icon for limited screen space

I read through the article and comments on "We need a standard show navigation icon for responsive web design" by Andy Clarke and it got me thinking about the subject and I'd like to hear your opinion....
9 votes
2 answers

Responsive text or truncated text in Mobile devices?

I was reading this very interesting article on the use of responsive text to show only critical content on mobile devices by the use of responsive text to show one version for the web and one version ...
2 votes
2 answers

Responsive Layouts: Can they respond to *on-screen* keyboards? (i.e. Tablet / Mobile keyboards)

This question is fairly simple, though I'm not sure the technology exists yet. I'm building a responsive version of a website to be optimized for use with a tablet device. This is one challenge ...
2 votes
3 answers

Using a responsive design for an internal-use-only, enterprise application that runs in a browser?

I am building a fairly large scale application that runs in the browser, and only on intranets. It is essentially a website, as in it's still just content viewed in the browser. But it's not a "...
1 vote
1 answer

Is there a scaling behavior guide for designing sites & system interfaces?

In my work I was asked to define the scaling behavior of the system interface (or website), and I was wondering whether there are any guidelines or best practices about how to characterize and design ...

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