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A design approach that delivers elegant user interfaces regardless of the size of the user's display or the limitations of the device.

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What is the best way to display user company role and application role when logged in to the application

An application having two roles i.e Company Role and Application Role based on which different sections of the application are accessible to the person. Company Role describes either Admin or Users ...
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PDF alternative, responsive for desktop and mobile

I'm working on an application that exports a PDF file with important information for the user to save, and eventually recover. The PDF format was chosen because it's adequately portable and non-...
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When to validate if the set of items selected totally valid for the operation?

Case: enterprise web-client solution for sales orders, the User needs to select lots of items to perform one operation in bulk and not all the items are applicable for this operation (due to hidden ...
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Cross mobile platform interface navigation

I have to architect a mobile web responsive interface that will be the same for iOS and Android clients. The app has several areas which I would like to switch using bottom navigation/tabs with icons ...
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Designing for landscape mobile view

A lot of RWD websites cater for 3 major breakpoints (phone, tablet, desktop) and make the design fluid between that. However, the thing that's hardly ever included is the landscape view. Rotate your ...
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should I scale down for low-resolution devices?

after developing my design, everything is very huge, not messed up, but huge. for example, in 1920px devices, if you make browser smaller everything is alright, but if you use a POS system(with 1024px ...
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How wide should my artboard be (Container width)?

I came to a point when I needed to decide what would be the container width for my pages. My project involves designing a web platform with a dashboard and a side menu for navigation. I made a little ...
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Holy grail layout solution that makes complex apps being usable on mobile?

What's the best solution for responsive holy grail layout in the context of complex responsive design? Some common layouts done in this way Hubspot CRM Problem: it doesn't work on mobile as most of ...
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