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maximised vs full screen

Its a trivial question but I'm wondering which term is technically correct and which makes more sense to an end user. Full screen - "a window occupying all the available display surface of a ...
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Users will upload there images should they be 2x to cover retina screens?

I am designing an editor where the user will upload their own images. I have to give requirements to them. In sketch where I am designing the image size is 400x800 should I tell them to upload ...
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Accessibility - SC 1.4.4 - Placeholder text not visible when browser zoom is set to 200%

I have a question regarding SC 1.4.4 Resize Text for Placeholders for inputs. I am not for the design we currently have, but have to work a solution with whatever design I have. The first row in the ...
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How to define modal size?

I want to design a modal-dialog, which contains a stepper. Also in some cases, the input fields are not too many and in other cases, they are A LOT of them. Which means if I predefine the size of the ...
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Resize Cursor - Col/Row vs East-West/North-South

I have a website with 2 panels. The user can resize these two panel using drag-n-drop. I want to change the mouse cursor, when the mouse is hovering over the edge of these two panels, to a Resize-...
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Should filters collapse and expand with space or stay a fixed height?

I'm doing an interface where the user is allowed to filter down by attributes. The attributes are filled in by the users, so there could be 1 filter in the list or hundreds. Do I let the filter area ...
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Multi-window workspace - how to handle resizing the parent window

I'm working on improving the UX of one of our web applications. This is an application that runs as an intranet app. The old style basically was a simple menu on the left and the current page on the ...
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How to efficiently manage big size tables?

Introduction In an administration web application, I have to show some big tables having many columns. It doesn't have to work on anything but desktop (or maybe tablet) with a screen of at least ...
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Is it good UX to display web pages in a narrow, fixed-size column?

Nowadays most screens are wide and high-resolution, but when a typical web page loads it leaves on the sides huge empty areas. I understand that designers don't want their content to be messed up on ...
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Name for: thumbnail getting big and spreads text?

Is there a common name or plugin for the function when a thumbnail gets resized to a bigger image and spreads the surrounding text? It is similar to a modal view, but imho more user friendly. ...
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Usability issue when resizing browser window on responsive website

As I was discussing about the benefits of using responsive web design (RWD) nowadays, my manager said that one of his biggest gripe is the fact that horizontally resizing the browser window often ...
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Mixing fluid and fixed interfaces? Sometimes we have to. (non web)

At the time I'm redesigning some desktop application. Look at the illustration below. Window on the LEFT side of the illustration should be resizable since it contains table which can have any number ...
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IOS resizing labels

So I'm wondering how best to solve this problem. I want to display a 'list' of elements in my app. Right now this is what it looks like - That looks really bad, and I'm not sure how to make it so ...
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How to enhnance thumbnails resizing?

We have a standard thumbnail browser interface in a desktop application which (for our discussion) resembles much to Windows Explorer. Something like this: download bmml source – Wireframes ...
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Constant canvas size vs. Resizable canvas

When developing a graphical editor there are two options when creating a canvas: a canvas that has a constant size a canvas that can be re-sized by adding figures at the edge of the canvas, or by ...
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3 answers

Usefulness of on-site text resize tools

I'm not sure what to call them, but anyone know of research on the effectiveness of including the ability to resize text onscreen via a buttons/toggle. I mean the "aA" button you still sometimes see ...
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Resizing a Chart

A system that I'm working on has a pane with a chart displayed under a table. The user can choose to resize the pane to see more of the table. However, when this happens, the chart gets squeezed ...
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Dynamically Resize Pictures

I have a set of different sized images of products that I want to display on my web page with four to a row. The issue is that because they are different sizes, I don't know how to display them ...
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Is it a bad idea to resize fonts with the browser?

For certain special pages I want to put content all on one page. Think of them as cheatsheets (or similar) the idea being is that users should benefit from seeing the whole page in one glance. However ...
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Why is resizing the browser window bad practice?

I asked how I can resize the browser window with JavaScript. Everybody told me not to do it. Why is this a bad practice? I think sometimes it can be good. For example, I want to show users a tweeting ...
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