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Term "Requirement Gathering" in UX - A misnomer?

Having spend some good time in the Interaction design domain, I have started to think that the term "Requirement Gathering" is somewhat a misnomer and conveys a incorrect image of the process. Is ...
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What is the best way to collect the relevant fields for a UI screen?

I understand that most of this data comes from the user story/use case/PRD etc. But how do we make sure that the fields (KPIs/Status/Properties/Charts etc) that we display are the ideal ones for the ...
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Requirements gathering

What are some of the questions to ask stakeholders who wants to redesign a website due to customers complaining of how it’s not easy to navigate or not easy to find information? I’d appreciate all the ...
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How to informally test users’ knowledge of app’s undocumented behavior?

The app I work on has some undocumented but consistent behavior when filtering and sorting a queue. The formal requirement is that, if the filter returns more than 1000 results, a warning message is ...
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For a startup, should product requirement understanding be considered a part of UX process.

I am a part of a small organization. Should our UX lead be the part of the requirement elicitation process? Is it a general practice in the industry? The process we are going through is finalizing ...
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