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I need a way for the user to select 4 boxes and arrange them in order

In my example I was thinking as the user clicks on a box the checkmark will be selected and there will a border displayed. After selecting the 4 selections they can drag them in order from left to ...
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Reorder and merge/unmerge list of items

I have a list that consists of blocks of one or more items. For example, there are 3 blocks with a total of 5 items in the following image. The user can add items, decide what items are grouped in a ...
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Best way to reorder long list of items

I'm currently working on reordering items in a list. The tricky part though is that I need to be able to reorder up to 100 items. I have some solutions in mind but the design will break once it ...
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Drag and drop in one axis (reorder) - which cursor?

I was wondering which hover cursor is the best choice for dragging elements in one axis only, for example in reordering elements among listing. cursor: move; It has four arrows, so it's misleading, ...
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Singe table where items can be filtered and reordered

My goal is to design UX where users can reorder very long list of data (800+). User has to have an ability to filter the list. Users should have an easy way to quickly move many items to the top and ...
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