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Should I share session across tab when user uncheck Remember me

Currently, my website always remembers login i.e. there's no Remember me checkbox. I was requested to implement the checkbox. I have 2 options about the behavior when the user open a new tab of the ...
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Alternative designs for the login "remember me" checkbox?

I've been conducting some research on the "remember me" feature commonly found on website login pages. Does anyone have any examples of alternative methods to implement the "remember ...
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What are the differences between “Remember me” and "Stay signed in" functionality?

For my understanding: "Remember me" We store password and username without login. User clicks the login button and is logged in. "Stay Signed in" We store password and username with login. ...
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What are the pro's and con's of an extended user session?

When having a portal where due to regulations, the content displayed inside must be accessed through user authentication (username / password). Are there best practices / pros and cons of having ...
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How long should a session be when "remember me" is enabled?

Greetings great people on the Internet. I present to you, a question we are dealing with. Case: The user checks the "Remember Me" checkbox Question: How long should the session be active? So the ...
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Alternative term for "remember me"

In Android design guidelines (Settings, Writing Style), it's discouraged to refer to the user: Don't refer to the user. For example, for a setting allowing the user to turn notifications on or off, ...
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"Remember me" login functionality

Is there any research available about the viability and use of "Remember Me" toggles/check boxes on login flows? I can't seem to find any information on whether or not they're used or not.
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Which Remember-Me option is the best?

Basically, there seem to be three different behaviours of "Remember Me" authentication: Definite: After a successful login, a user doesn't have to provide their credentials during a time span with a ...
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Do we really need a "Remember me" option on a Login page?

I'm wondering why do we need to ask user to make a decision, for how long he want to be authenticated? This is done by having "keep me signed in" option login page: Why can't we simply "predict" how ...
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