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Do Sci-Fi interfaces look reliable?

I'm designing interface for medical program, which will be used to show clients their data from sensors in real time. So, it will not be used for real work and will only implement some basic ...
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Stability -- is there a technical term in UX for this?

I am in the writing of a paper using Microsoft Word. I also write this Stack Exchange question and at both I have a good feeling about the user interface as only the sentence I write is changing, the ...
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What are some examples of things designed/engineered to require no maintenance? [closed]

I've read somewhere that most items that are built by professional engineers (think roads, cars, etc) are built with some kind of maintenance in mind. In other words, things that are built well are ...
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How to check for Inconsistent Respondents in System Usability Scale (SUS)?

I'm trying to evaluate the validity of the SUS responses- I think it's also called internal reliability or Response bias. How is this done for SUS?
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Why do some cars only have a physical lock on the driver side?

I have a car (tsx) and I realize that sometimes I will need to use the physical key instead of the electronic key fob to unlock my car. Such as if there is something wrong with the electronics or my ...
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Why is high website availability good for UX?

I'm trying to understand how much should I invest in website availability. What impact does a not so good availability (let's say 95% - 18 days in a year) have in User Experience. Why is it that ...
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Is reliability as an important component of a user experience?

I'm asking that because, in my own experience, I sometimes have to use less usable or less featured competitors just because of a poor reliability of the tool of my choice. It makes me think that ...
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