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Best Path Representation

I'm working on a product that visualizes and identifies path based relationships between nodes. However a new relationship showed up in which a node might have a relationship to itself. Right now we ...
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How to allow batch editing "m to n" relationships (tags on elements)

I have the same "problem" as WordPress, as in I need to allow batch changes of tags. The relationship is m to n; each element can have multiple tags. Now my main problem is that the elements might ...
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Representing relationships/hierarchy within an otherwise flat table view

I have a standard table view which is used in a number of places in an online cloud portal. It's used to list servers, products, firewalls and more. As I begin to build views for the firewall listing ...
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How to visually configure dependency between data

I need to set the relationship between two sets of data. The sets can be big, with hundreds of records. After some research, I found that some applications use a dependency matrix, like in this ...
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Shifting Parent records from child

In my application, Grand parent and Parent tabs contains grid controls. From my Child tab, i should be able to select desired parent or grand parents records without opening the Grand parent or ...
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Need to display 3 grids (lists) with many to many relationships

Need some help here to design a container having 3 lists(grids) communicating with each other as below: The requirements are: There are multi select allowed on each list. On selecting customers, ...
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How to represent the session switch from one node to other node? Will Sankey chart work? [closed]

Folks, Is it possible to create a sankey chart like the one attached using any libraries? Basically, I want to show how many sessions were steered/switched from one network to the other. D3js and ...
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