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Why does Spotify have a second pause button?

I noticed Spotify has a big green "pause"/"play" button, even though there already is one in the controls on the bottom. I have been using Spotify for several months and never even paid any real ...
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Best practices for showing selection states in dropdowns

I'm designing a CRM-style interface for medical assistants, and I'm wondering if putting a check next to the selected state in a dropdown is redundant if that state is already showing on main screen? (...
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Do redundant links help with hidden navigation on mobile?

Our designs tend to use the standard hamburger navigation for mobile sites (although I'm going to push to move into some alternatives in the future). I'm aware that hidden navigation results in worse ...
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Why do editors (such as MS Office apps) have so much redundancy?

I'm thinking of making an editor and how it should differ against other editors. One of those points are promoting the work area over GUI buttons and information fields. Tool bars, menu bars, scroll ...
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