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Online portfolio or Offline portfolios?

I am a working individual who wants to switch over to UX design. I am trying to create a portfolio for my first project, but I am conflicted: I am not sure whether my portfolio should be a web page or ...
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Scheduling user interviews from customer service calls

We're working on a recruitment script for customer service reps to ask customers that call in for help, if they'd be willing to do user interviews, so UX can interact with them and get feedback. My ...
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Which services do you use for recruiting specific demographic test participants?

I'm looking for solid resources for recruiting research participants matching very specific criteria for interviews, surveys, and usability testing. Also interested in how quickly those services work....
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Incentive to recruit B2B customers for generative interviews [closed]

Together with my team need to recruit participants to run some generative interviews, 15 in total. We have a customer base, but we're not sure if we should offer them an incentive and what kind could ...
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How could I recruit neurodiverse participants on a user testing platform?

I already test designs for accessibility with users of screen readers, magnifiers and switch navigation. We recruit for this through a platform called Fable, which is specific to testers who use ...
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How many participants for a survey when you don't know the total population?

I have been using a sample size calculator to know how many participants I should have to have a sample and results that are representative for my total population. But what if we don't know the total ...
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Services for recruiting Japanese research participants

I've been asking everyone in my network, done Google searches, and checked StackExchange but still haven't found good answers. I'm running a research study where I need to recruit 90 participants from ...
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What if those with disabilities aren't your user base?

I have a slight problem with accessibility. I have no issue with those with disabilities but here is my problem. They are not primarily my user. I build recruiting sift questionnaires for ...
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Getting internal participants

I'm working on a internal system for a company at the moment and I'm having huge trouble recruiting participants for user testing. That this is a system they themselves will have to use when it goes ...
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Should I invite existing users to my summative usability test?

I'm about to do a summative usability test on an app with a bunch of participants. I am convinced that I should mostly invite people unfamiliar with the app to see how well they are doing when ...
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Recruiting participants: question to screen web designers/developers

To understand the level of expertise of participants for a usability test, I always ask something like "What’s your experience with computers or tablets? Mark all that apply." The choices are: I ...
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Apple Watch: How to recruit users?

There are not a lot of users of the Apple Watch (at least in Germany there are probably less then 1%). Which user group would you recruit for a user test to get reliable results? I am thinking about: ...
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Best way to recruit testers for a remote usability test in the UK and France [closed]

I need to recruit participants for a quick remote usability website test in the UK and in France. So far we tried facebook ads and classifieds. Do you have any suggestions where I can find ...
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How do I write a user testing recruitment screener question to determine a candidate's areas of interest / hobbies?

I'm looking for user testers interested in geography, urban studies and digital storytelling. How do I suss this out? A yes/no question would be too leading, and an open ended question: "What are you ...
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Collecting testing recruits without using a recruiting firm

I just started at a small design firm that's branching out into doing some UX and one of the things I'd really like to do is start trying to work simple testing into our workflow (maybe starting with ...
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How to recruit user test participants?

Where do you find participants for user tests and interviews for persona building? Is it OK to recruit them via an existing web site for example? How much do you pay them?
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Examples of well written emails for recruiting participants for usability tests / interviews or surveys?

I'm looking for examples of emails for recruiting participants for tests or interviews. I felt my first drafts for the last time I recruited were somewhat impersonal. So how do you write good emails?...
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How do you recruit users for usability evaluation?

Pick random people? Use a service like What do you do?
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