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GUI for a system for fair allocation of course seats

Currently, the course-seats in our department are allocated in a first-come-first-served manner: each student tries to enter the system the moment it opens. If they succeed, they get all the best ...
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What is the best way to statistically analyze a score system and number of steps for users?

I'm trying to analyze two measurements, the number of steps it takes the user to complete a task on a website, and a ranking rubric of 1 - 3 (1 is simple and 3 is considered difficult) for each step ...
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When should things only be upvote-able?

Say I have a community-driven Web site with items that can be ranked by the users. When designing the ranking system, when should I allow (or disallow) being able downvote items? For example, ...
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Plotting a comparison graph where less is better

Say I want to compare many machine-learning models based on the error produced by each model. In this case, smaller error means better model. If I want to visualize this, the first thing that comes to ...
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Usability Benchmarking and Rating - choosing an approach and rating scale

I’m conducting some UX benchmarking activities and am trying to compare various approaches, both at the individual task level, and activity (multi-task, overview) level. I’m not well versed in the ...
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Voting for "winners" after a fantasy sports draft

For a fantasy sports draft app, I'm trying to design a voting system where winners receive trophies in categories like "most lopsided trade", "best overall draft" and "best draft steal". The voters ...
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2 answers

What's the optimal order of choices within a combo box drop down?

I have a combox box showing the possible roles that a user can have in an organisation. There is a rank to these roles such that: Super User > Administrator > Manager > Cashier When creating a ...
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Singe table where items can be filtered and reordered

My goal is to design UX where users can reorder very long list of data (800+). User has to have an ability to filter the list. Users should have an easy way to quickly move many items to the top and ...
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Normalizing ranking system other than percentage

In a project I'm involved in there's an app (currently only for web) which is heavily gamification-centered. In this app users perform "bets" and are ranked according to "hit" percentages. I'm ...
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User involvement by voting/ranking

I am trying to find a tool where I can allow users to vote on which features we should priorities to develop. Important is that I decide what ideas they should to be able to vote for and it could be ...
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What is the right UI for showing a grid that can be ranked

I have a grid of information (using jqgrid). One of the new fields is Rank. Its quite cumbersome to go in and edit each item and update the rank field and then have to update all of the other fields....
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What is the best way to make the users rank a page?

I have a music portal where I need to make the users rank pages. Type of pages: Playlist Artist I need the user to: View rank. Vote up or down. The ranking must be a up / down vote system. I have ...
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Whats the best default for search result sorting?

I'm working on a news search, and I find that sorting by the number of keyword matches tends to produce stale results, but sorting by date tends to produce irrelevant results. How do I strike a ...
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What is the most user-friendly way to show position of a user on a long leaderboard?

I am designing a gamefication app and I need to show an overall leaderboard, displaying all users with points and positions... The problem is that the leaderboard requires pagination and the logged-...
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