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Alternative gender selection radio buttons

I would like to create a form which includes gender selection. However, I don't like classic male/female dropdowns. I would like to improve look and feel as well as user experience in a smart way. ...
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Alternatives to display radio buttons vertically?

My preference is to display radio buttons vertically per common recommendations, per some research on completion speed, and to take advantage of Fitt's Law. However, I often get push back with regard ...
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Address list following a postcode search, should a drop down list or radio buttons be used?

I'm working on a project at the moment using an OOTB (out of the box) solution. We have an address search facility where a user will enter their postcode, click 'Search', and is then presented with a ...
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Why should I use radio buttons and checkboxes?

I can build all the functionallity of a checkbox and a radio button with a select/dropdown, which results in a more lined up interface and I get around with lesser different types of GUI-elements. So ...
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Single checkbox or yes/no radio button

For the form items below, which interface control is the best option? A single checkbox or yes/no radio button? Read EWLS advice letter? Checked images / report on PACS / CRIS? Pacemaker? Unable to ...
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iPad specific button UX question (rating/feedback interaction system)

TL;DR : how would you design better buttons than my 5 buttons for "I disagree" / Neutral / "I agree" feedback ? I am doing an iPad application used by participants of an event during a presentation, ...
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Drop down list, radio buttons or something else for a language selector (of two languages)?

We have only two languages in the system: Japanese and English and I personally think that Drop Down List is irrelevant for this type of input, while radio buttons might be easier. What do you think?
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Proper term for conjoined choice buttons

I'm thinking of using a set of "conjoined choice buttons" to let the user filter a table of highscores. It would look sort of like this: _______________________________ ( ##EVERYONE##| FRIENDS | ...
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Should the cursor change to pointer over radio buttons, checkboxes, their labels and selects?

I always do so because to me it feels nicer; it implies an action will happen on click. Especially for radio/checkbox labels, where the for attribute is correctly used. This is not the default ...
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Are Radio Buttons or a Drop-down more appropriate to scope a search?

Below are Mock-ups of the two choices to scope the search. The radio buttons would expose all choices initially. The drop-down search pattern I've seen more often, and I think users would be more ...
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Level selection on dropdown

Designing a radio button interface for selecting how many sub-levels you would want to display for a website main menu dropdown. The options are: OFF 1 level 2 levels Considering that the default ...
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9 votes
5 answers

Is it intuitive for a "yes" or "no" button to proceed to the next step automatically in a wizard?

I am designing a wizard with 4 steps in it. To make the screens more appealing and easy to click through I converted the radio buttons into big buttons, but they still function like radio buttons in ...
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Radio button groups with thumbnails

Please advise which of the following approaches is more usable: Switching images, all captions are visible: All images and captions are visible: Swithing captions, all images are visible:
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Yes/No radio buttons: Vertical or horizontal Alignment

Currently looking at a long form with a lot of "yes/no" options presented as radio buttons. Is there any evidence to suggest that displaying radio buttons aligned vertically or horizontally is ...
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Which is better to design a Filter?

Which is better for filter, select a single value: Check box ( Use js to keep single selection ) Dropdown list Radio buttons Highlighted labels download bmml source – Wireframes created with ...
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UI for interfacing with hardware

I recently came across an interesting question, that I think is quite thought provoking. The original question was, how the person in question could make a radio button look and act enabled, but not ...
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Use of Radio Buttons (Identification Context)

I want to design a 2 steps sign up screen: identification personal info My question is regarding step 1. In this step the user will have to choose between ID or passport number. Once he choose, he ...
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4 answers

Should radio options be displayed vertically or horizontally?

For Example: Results must match () All () Any () None Of the search criteria vs Results must match () All of the search criteria () Any () None The ...
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6 answers

How do I limit the number of options a user may choose in a list?

Radio buttons is for single option, and checkboxes are for multiple selection, but what would be the most ideal way to implement maximum two selection? do I: disable all checkboxes after second ...
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Best Layout for an "Object" Voting System?

I'm more of a developer and less of a designer and I'm currently working on a website that will display a list of books and will allow users to vote for their favorite book (or add a new one if their ...
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Should I use radio buttons or check boxes (or something else) for email address?

So I'm building an application where the users will be able to send some information via email. The previous system had an interface something like this, where the users would select whether they ...
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Is it safe to adopt idea of double-click on a radio button? [closed]

(I have first noticed this with MS Office applications, but I have seen it also ...somewhere in Gnome, I can't remember where...) The idea If a dialog pops up that basically asks you to choose only ...
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11 votes
8 answers

How do I indicate that mutliple sets of radio buttons are mutually exclusive?

I have a panel where a user selects a camera to view from a location so they can load images from that camera. They can only load images from one camera and one location. Because of this I used radio ...
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Why is it impossible to deselect HTML "radio" inputs?

In HTML, there are currently two types of "checkbox" style controls: Checkbox: Allows toggling on/off, multiple values can be selected Radio: Only one value in a group may be selected, does ...
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Radio Buttons in the header?

Our web app allows users to switch between (currently 3, potentially more in the near future) different "contexts". For example, they could choose to view the app from the point of view of a "...
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1 vote
2 answers

Which input layout for choosing between Option1, Option2 and (Option1 or Option2, dynamically)

One setting in our app has to be as follows: For a certain scenario, the user select whether he wants: Always use option X Or always use option Y Or, depending on a dynamic flag, use X or Y (he also ...
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Are round check boxes confusing or an accepted standard?

I was browsing today and came across a new post by one of the designers that I follow. He had posted a new modal form which was using rounded check boxes. I have never seen these before. ...
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11 votes
5 answers

Replace radio-input with "buttons"? (web forms)

Is it good (or okay) UX to replace radio input fields with something that looks kinda different (please look at the image to see what I mean). I think most people will understand that they have to ...
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Tune the radio or tune in?

I'm in doubt whether I should use buttons or radio buttons combined with a single button. I could go with the buttons, as shown below, but I think this confusing. Another option would be the radio ...
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Options of options in web form

So I have some options that a user can choose from, and then from those options they can choose sub options. Right now it is setup using the jquery accordion, where the main option is clicked and ...
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Are there standard patterns for vertical radio-button like choices in tables?

In my application, I have a table of entities - in this case, the individual offices of a member organization. One entity - one office - has to be marked as the 'main' office, or headquarters. It ...
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Selection of multiple items and then selected one as default

I'm trying to design a web interface in which users pick particular "items" and set one of them as default. The textbox for searching uses autocomplete to find the matching item. I've come up with the ...
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1 answer

Are iPhone / mobile type toggle switches actually usable on the web?

Are iPhone / mobile type toggle switches actually usable on the web, to replace a yes / no radio button option? Will the change in normal user experience make it harder for the user to decide what ...
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50 votes
10 answers

Alternatives to checkboxes and radio buttons in web-based surveys?

I've been tasked with designing a simple questionnaire design with a lot of different types of questions. I've been taking a lot of web-based surveys myself as well as testing some with users. The ...
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For online HTML based quiz question forms with single answers vs multiple answers, should I use radio button or checkbox?

If there is only one correct answer, I could use radio buttons. If there are multiple correct answers, checkboxes. However, since it's a quiz and not an information gathering form or survey, I could ...
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Why will you choose to use 'Check Box' instead of 'Option List' for two options? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How Yes or No Questions Should be Represented in Forms This is a usability query. Suppose you only have two options you want a user to pick, are there any design ...
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When should I use a select box instead of radio buttons?

I know that a select box takes up less space and is good for lots of options. But should there be any deeper influences to my choice than space? Are there any studies that show users preferring one or ...
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