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What is the best form approach for a single question with 9 options?

We are in the process of creating a survey style onboarding flow and was curious if it is ok to break the rules here? I understand that once the number of choices gets over 6 or 7, it is best to use a ...
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Looking for UX pattern for selection that requires opt-in/opt-out option

I am working on a financial app and struggling with the UX in its settings area. The user needs to select with which method he/she wants to login to the app: faceID / fingerprint Only password ...
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Radio button best parttern in mobile app

I have radio button selection in mobile app where on selection of it, the dropdown box gets activated. My question is that, is it best practice to place radio button and dropdown in stack manner (pic ...
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How to handle inconsistent radio button options?

I'm trying to understand if an approach we're taking with the following is bad UI or not. We're a staffing application for finance and accounting professionals. In this experience, we ask a client (...
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Why is Amazon using Text Fields instead of Radio Buttons for mutually exclusive options?

I have been trying to return an item on Amazon, and this window popped up asking me to fill in the bank details. Although they have used Radio Buttons in the first line for Yes/No question, Account ...
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