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Should radio buttons be pre-selected?

I am working on a re-design for a eCommerce site and they have a section where they offer a free gift card if the user makes a purchase over $1000. The idea of the gift card is to get users to ...
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Why is it impossible to deselect HTML "radio" inputs?

In HTML, there are currently two types of "checkbox" style controls: Checkbox: Allows toggling on/off, multiple values can be selected Radio: Only one value in a group may be selected, does ...
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Are round check boxes confusing or an accepted standard?

I was browsing today and came across a new post by one of the designers that I follow. He had posted a new modal form which was using rounded check boxes. I have never seen these before. ...
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Alternatives to checkboxes and radio buttons in web-based surveys?

I've been tasked with designing a simple questionnaire design with a lot of different types of questions. I've been taking a lot of web-based surveys myself as well as testing some with users. The ...
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Radio buttons with none selected

I feel like there's an answer out there but I can't find it. We have a situation where customers need to choose one of two options for billing their services, but we can't choose it for them. I've ...
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Should the cursor change to pointer over radio buttons, checkboxes, their labels and selects?

I always do so because to me it feels nicer; it implies an action will happen on click. Especially for radio/checkbox labels, where the for attribute is correctly used. This is not the default ...
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What's the difference between a toggle switch, radio buttons and a tickbox? What's the best cases these patterns can be used?

What's the best cases these patterns can be use?
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Which is better to design a Filter?

Which is better for filter, select a single value: Check box ( Use js to keep single selection ) Dropdown list Radio buttons Highlighted labels download bmml source – Wireframes created with ...
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How do I design a user friendly survey with more than 150 questions?

I am designing UI/UX for a survey webapp which has more than 150 questions. Right now they are using 5 radio buttons for each question. Similar to the image below: So the question is, how to make ...
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Using mixed radio and checkbox buttons - is there any efficiency or usability gain in the design?

I have noticed that many online forms and surveys these days are starting to use a mixture of radio and checkbox buttons for the same question, that is, for a question that gives the person a number ...
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Do users understand this hybrid checkbox/radio control? [duplicate]

I'm wondering about the perennial problem that arises when presenting multiple options, where the user can select none, one, or several options. Using checkboxes, it's not clear whether a user ...
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Why are radio buttons circles?

I understand that they shouldn't be square to avoid confusion with checkboxes and that today they should be circle for consistency, but why were they originally chosen to be circular? I've never seen ...
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62 votes
8 answers

When should I use a select box instead of radio buttons?

I know that a select box takes up less space and is good for lots of options. But should there be any deeper influences to my choice than space? Are there any studies that show users preferring one or ...
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28 votes
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Buttons instead of radio buttons or a dropdown

In a recent project of ours I am tasked with creating an interface that solves the same problem as radio buttons or a dropdown menu would, but using buttons instead. It approximately looks like this: ...
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Yes/No radio buttons: Vertical or horizontal Alignment

Currently looking at a long form with a lot of "yes/no" options presented as radio buttons. Is there any evidence to suggest that displaying radio buttons aligned vertically or horizontally is ...
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Should radio options be displayed vertically or horizontally?

For Example: Results must match () All () Any () None Of the search criteria vs Results must match () All of the search criteria () Any () None The ...
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3 answers

Is it acceptable practice to use checkboxes as radio buttons?

Can someone point me in the direction to articles regarding checkboxes and radio buttons? I'm in a discussion with an Art Director and he is convinced it makes more sense to use checkboxes because ...
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Is a circular checkbox bad UI design?

A radio button is normally presented as circular control but more recently checkboxes are also being presented with a rounded border making them look like radio buttons.
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Radio buttons or Toggle switch for one out of two options?

I am a bit confused on what should be used when you have to select one option out of the two possible options. Working on a touch screen interface For ex 1- Selecting a Tax type in a retail store, ...
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Checkboxes or Radio buttons: Only one or zero choices

I'm building a quiz-type web application in which the user must answer a series of multiple-choice questions. I need to decide whether to use radio buttons or checkboxes. I'm familiar with the ...
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How to present an optional binary choice without a preset value?

How would you go about approaching a form where the user should pick one of the binary choices (yes/no) in the UI, but it should also not be enforced to block advancement within the flow. So ...
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Single checkbox or yes/no radio button

For the form items below, which interface control is the best option? A single checkbox or yes/no radio button? Read EWLS advice letter? Checked images / report on PACS / CRIS? Pacemaker? Unable to ...
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2 answers

Choice with a Radio button group

Context: In our application we implemented a responsive disclosure. Currently the choices the user can make are rendererd as a set of radio buttons. Currently there a two valid options, A and B. When ...
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6 answers

Radio buttons menu with radio button submenu

I have three different radio buttons, each one of them contains a submenu with three further options. User can only choose one option in the submenu. So it seems that i have a radio button menu ...
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Selection of multiple items and then selected one as default

I'm trying to design a web interface in which users pick particular "items" and set one of them as default. The textbox for searching uses autocomplete to find the matching item. I've come up with the ...
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Alternative gender selection radio buttons

I would like to create a form which includes gender selection. However, I don't like classic male/female dropdowns. I would like to improve look and feel as well as user experience in a smart way. ...
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Radio buttons or Dropdown for same list of options

I have a list of options where the maximum number that can appear is 9. I am wondering if it will be confusing to switch controls for these options depending on how many appear i.e. use radio buttons ...
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Checkbox or Radio, specific use case

I have a very specific use case and it has led me to question the checkbox vs radio button convention... Radio buttons are used when there is a list of two or more options that are mutually exclusive ...
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How to allow user to choose a value multiplier

I've recently published an Android app that is intended for use as a board game currency (think Monopoly etc.). Because it is intended for multiple types of game, and because even within Monopoly the ...
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Best Practices on toggle switches and defaults in forms?

In many cases, when creating an A/B choice for a user, there is a clear option that should be the default; if not, the debates can rage... and if the choices are not clearly boolean (Yes or No), it ...
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Radios on mobile apps - yes or no?

Is it a good idea to use radios on mobile apps? If not, how would you improve the below design?
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Combining radio and checkboxes [duplicate]

This might be a technical question or maybe there's a better way of approaching the area but what is the best interaction for asking users to select either an unknown or the specific items.
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Independent selection but can also be alternative

I have binary properties, say A, B, C, D, that a user can independently switch. This is usually done using checkboxes as so: download bmml source – Wireframes created with Balsamiq Mockups But ...
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Is a switcher a better pattern than radio buttons?

I'm designing a list with an option to switch some records on and off. I'm wondering which pattern to choose: standard radio buttons solution, or something a little more sophisticated but not too ...
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What should be the MANTRA for styling radio-buttons and checkboxes? [closed]

I am trying to style all the HTML elements by making a custom style sheet. Till now, i have succeeded in making only the radio-buttons and check-boxes. here is the link for the demo. I wanted to know ...
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