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An alternative to native apps, Progressive Web Applications (PWA) are written with common web technologies including HTML, CSS and Javascript, and can run inside a user's web browser.

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Should back button exist in PWA (Progressive Web Applications)?

What's the reason there's no back button for ios or android in pwa? I can implement the button and the behavior by myself, but should I? Why are the mobile apps not common to navigate backwards/...
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Appbar Search Context

I have an PWA in development that is focused around the material design ideologies and style, although this question is likely still applicable to other design schemes as well. Essentially I have a ...
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Should I use a home button in mobile PWA version next to the back arrow?

I'm working on a PWA website. I'm currently working on the mobile version. And as expected in PWA, I try to be as native as possible so I plan to use a back button on the top left of the screen ...
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Do PWAs (progressive web apps) have experience advantages over Native apps? [closed]

Given the hype over PWAs, are there real advantages compared to native apps? How does this as a single platform change the experience?
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Why are Progressive Web App Icons circular compared to their App counterparts

Working on a PWA (progressive web app) and coming up with the app icon for it. There aren't many others around since it's pretty new but it seems a lot of PWAs use a circular icon to differentiate ...
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