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Which comes first - branding or UX?

In the context of websites, which of the following scenarios seems more right: Scenario 1 Define the corporate identity - logo, typography, colours, etc. Move on to UX design - research, prototyping,...
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How a UX designer work in a data science oriented project?

I am a UX designer in a AI research team in financial banking system. We are doing half data science oriented projects and half research work on AI. Most of our projects are on the credit or client ...
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Handle the behavior of user deleting their current workspace

I have two main routes /projects (where the user sees a list of its own projects and can create and delete multiple projects) and /project/:id (where the user can manage its current project). A user ...
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How to do multiperson UX tasks in Kanban?

Our UX team is shifting to Kanban so we can manage our workload and projects better. My question is, how do we represent tasks that require a collaborative effort on the board? Do we break it out into ...
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2 answers

Research Project Planning - Time estimates for various research methods and phases

Are there any suggested rough estimates for how long user research methods and phases of research planing, execution, and analysis take? I'm trying to get better at project management and planning ...
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how to decide on standards for a design team? [closed]

In response to me attempting to champion user testing and user feedback in an organization where leadership is making decisions on design without any user testing or much if any user feedback, an ...
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2 answers

How does size/complexity of a project impacts efficiency of a user centered design process?

Which approaches help for small/middle/large scaled software projects? I'm working sometimes on projects with 50-100developers (+other stakeholders) over several years and I'm still unsure if ucd ...
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User Research Estimation

What are the units/factors you take into account when estimating or scoping your user research? Other than the business domain's complexity, remote/in-person research and the difficulty of participant ...
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Do you know any proven UX training program designed for project managers?

A great product manager can direct a team to produce the best work and tune their teams to perform at their peak—and this is important. And now, it's as important to integrate UX tools and methods to ...
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What is the average amount of time you spend on a UX design process? [closed]

I know that the amount of time spent on a project will vary from project to project depending on what is required but I was wondering what is the average amount of time a UX person spends on each ...
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