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With great veneration i need your attention to this problem of Multi-class semantic segmentation using Unet, [closed]

i have the same data and annotations as shown in the provided link. query : why ...
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Is there a term to describe the presence of unnecessary complexity in UX development?

Here is the case. One client wants us to create a relatively simple website and app (it's just for online courses, nothing extraordinary). We have our dev team, but the client has its own, and they ...
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Programming platform UX

I made a webapp that allows users to take on programming exercises: the assignment text is shown to the user, they have an editor to type code, and the code they submit is tested against a test case ...
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Why is it that version managers are always mentioned after the installation instructions?

As much as I want to put this on StackOverflow, I think this particular question fits better here. I hope this doesn't sound too petty, but this is something that has always bothered me. I've always ...
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Is it crucial for a UX designer to understand the principles and concepts behind Object Oriented Programming?

As a designer and sometimes coder myself, I have been exposed to the idea and principles behind Object Oriented Programming, and having a knowledge in this area definitely helps when it comes to ...
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Why draw a grid behind text/code in the editor?

Two GNOME applications (Builder and Text Editor) have an option to draw a faint grid in the background of the text editing window. The grid does not map neatly onto the fixed-width font. Does this ...
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Should a compiler give compile-time errors or warnings for syntactically valid but logically invalid code?

With some programming languages, a compiler may reject code that, while otherwise syntactically valid, is readily determined to be logically invalid through static analysis. An example is Visual C++ ...
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How does Front-end development affects User Experience? [closed]

Real world examples will be the best answers :) One of the basic examples I can think of, is when the front-end developer builds the website not in an efficient way that causes some actions to be ...
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Choice of Programming Languages and UX

A bit of context Before anything, this is NOT a question about programming, but of course it's related. My context is as follows: I own a small consultation firm with a development area. We deal ...
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Scaling relative size of nested parentheses in code editors

I was coding today and the thought occurred to me: why is dynamic scaling of the relative sizes of nested parentheses/brackets/curly braces not already a common feature of code editors? One often has ...
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How to make code examples accessible in a document?

I'm creating a MS Word document (and will probably convert it to PDF later on) for a visually impaired programming student. I'm following all the guidelines about text semantics, like correctly using ...
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Visual representation for higher-order functions [closed]

I'm creating a visual programming language. I base on functional programming paradigm, because I believe that declarative thing should be mapped to visual more easily. I mostly done with conceptual ...
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Will employers hire someone who wants to code AND practice UX? [closed]

During my uni, whilst studying graphic design, I got more and more into programming as I enjoyed creating processes leading to a final design (from generative visual design to data visualization to ...
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2 answers

UX/UI Designer vs Programmer productive workflow on iOS [closed]

We are a remote team of 60 people and we have two UX/UI Designers that are in process of migration from Web to iOS development. I'm having a hard time managing the relationship between developers (...
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select date range in two inputs [closed]

So I was trying to add date picker to select my StartDate and EndDate. I have no problem when using the usual datepicker. What I'm aiming for is something like this: By clicking on the text input, ...
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Why are line numbers in text editors and programming IDEs so often disabled by default?

It feels like most environments for editing code have line numbers hidden by default. For example, Eclipse, IntelliJ, Oracle SQL Developer, and Vim all seem to have the default setting as not showing ...
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Why is == the standard equality operator? [closed]

In all the programming languages I have ever used, the comparator for testing a mathematical equivalence is ==. For example, in python: if 7 == 8 - 1: Why are all, as far as I am aware, programming ...
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Is marketing the closest career to UX?

This is something that calls my attention, specially here at SO UX: I'm seeing more and more questions (and answers) about marketing than any other thing, including the usability aspects of a site or ...
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In a program what to say when the user enters the wrong type? e.g. number entered when yes/no expected

My program runs from the command line and requires the user to enter booleans (yes or no) and integers (numbers without decimals). For this I have two methods to check to make sure the user makes a ...
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Choosing a framework - important criteria from UX point of view [closed]

We are starting a new project, and have to decide which framework to take. Which criteria are important from the UX point of view?
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2 answers

Which keyboard shortcuts to chose on cross-platform software?

I've joined a team of devs working on an open source software project which is supposed to run accross multiple platfroms (Windows, Mac, Linux, ...). I'm assigned to a task which includes reviewing ...
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7 answers

Are Visual Programming Interfaces effective for non-tech users?

I am currently designing a solution about IVR's (Interactive Voice Solution) system that should enable user design their own flows according to their needs. In this solution, user should need to ...
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Best way to teach novice programmers?

I'm working on a project that aims to teach programming novices. I want them to follow specific guidelines of programming and get accustomed to those (due to the fact that these guidelines are ...
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Is there a definitive answer to the line length readability question in the context of programming code

Is there is any definitive research that attempts to answer what character counts make the most human readable line lengths for programming code (typically mono-spaced font, high liklihood of small ...
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Bound fields/alternative input modes

My UI allows users to specify values that may be "bound" to other values. In the simple case, I want to present friendly input elements like checkboxes and password boxes. But I also need a way to ...
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Should I leave a delay to allow people to read my loading messages?

I've built a program to install an application. For people with slow PCs, it could take a couple of minutes to run fully. However for people with faster PCs, it whizzes through and runs the whole ...
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Why does the mouse cursor switch direction over line numbers in programming IDEs?

When you mouse over line numbers in IDEs, such as Visual Studio or Notepad++, the mouse cursor is flipped horizontally. I can't think of a reason this would be a ubiquitous user interface decision. ...
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How can I tell stories in my UX portfolio? [closed]

I am a self-started UX Designer and building my portfolio to get new opportunities. I have been seeing some great UX portfolios: some UX designers have documented all deliverables and they made each ...
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How should text wrap in a code block?

I am working on an application where code will be shown on a mobile device. This gives us a constrained width as horizontal scrolling isn't a desired choice for code with long lines. So we have to ...
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