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Placing branded products into a context outside of advertisments, like movies, TV shows or photographies and the like. This marketing strategy is effective particularily because the consumer is unaware they are presented advertisments. The context the product is placed in affects the values and characteristics emphazised by the product placement.

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What is the best way to show eshop products inside a blog article?

I am having troubles with placing multiple eshop products into / near a picture that is in an article on the supporting blog. These products are related to the content in the picture (e.g picture of ...
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Three carousels side by side on the home page, bad idea?

My client wants to build an e-commerce website where he wants to display his products(clothing items) on carousels.He is asking me to add three carousels side by side as shown in the drawing in the ...
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Ecommerce: Improve product discoverability

I am designing a web page for an ecommerce company. The company sells product X which comes in various flavours. e.g x in apricot flavour, x in peach flavour. There is a dedicated page where one can ...
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Why most software businesses require the users to "request a demo" to see their products?

I have noticed that on the large majority of software businesses, their products will not be shown to you unless you request a demo from their site, usually from a form by providing your personal ...
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Products in Tabs - Bad idea?

In a current project I'm trying to make an argument against a 'major feature' of the homepage of an e-commerce site. The so called feature would be the display of featured products with different tags ...
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Where should 'decoy' options be placed?

I've been thinking about the placement of decoy products. For example, let's say you have a menu with A. an egg and cheese sandwich for $5.00 (the decoy option) B. an egg, cheese, avocado, tomato, ...
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