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A more specific term commonly used to describe the application of human-centred design processes to a product (can be physical or digital) as opposed to a service, which can incorporate a range of user/customer touch points.

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[iOS][Android] Best (pragmatic) practices for showing PDFs

I've been trying to get a consensus on "best practices" for showing PDFs on mobile… but my Google skills have failed me so far. I manage a bunch of mobile applications, where we sometimes ...
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Best practices for technically executing AB testing on ecommerce site?

I am working on a site redesign for my company's ecommerce site. We sell access to upcoming and recorded webinars. As a part of this redesign, I have recommended a new product strategy in which ...
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Looking for library of resources on real product's design, Information Architecture, etc

For my current project, I am looking for inspiration related to how different digital products (web applications, mobile apps) are organized: navigation + menu structure, Information Architecture So ...
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Recommendation for Chart Label with 2 Actions

I'm currently designing an app and I have a label that should have two actions: 1. Right Click (1st Action) opens a popover with more details on the part (Gear Box) like the number of parts that make ...
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Changing the design systems in on the level of Atoms (Reference to Atomic Design System)

I work a product design manager and planning to change the mobile apps designs on Atomic Level, like changing User Interface Elements which are checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdown lists, list boxes, ...
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