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Why isn't the "remember me" checkbox in login forms enabled by default?

On the majority of sites, a "remember me" checkbox on login forms is not selected by default. Most users would like to stay logged in after login. It annoys users each time to have to enter username ...
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"By posting this, you agree to our terms and conditions"

Is it okay to have a "By posting this, you agree to our terms and conditions" (i.e. like 4chan) as opposed to a "I agree to the terms and conditions" checkbox? I read about automatic agreement to ...
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Why did they use two-stage social media sharing buttons?

I recently visited a seemingly fairly reputable web site and was astonished to see their implementation of a two-stage trigger for their social media buttons: (The text appears when you hover over ...
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How to prevent creation of multiple accounts under the same company?

Let's say there's Company ABC and Employee A signed-up for an account under his own email address (e.g. [email protected]). However, let's say Employee B signed-up under the same company but ...
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usability testing with sensitive and private information

The current product I'm testing requires users to connect their financial information (such as their bank, credit cards, etc.); after this info is connected, the user is shown their balances, credit ...
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The right to remove an account, or change the username [duplicate]

The way web services handle account information, and allow (or disallow) account deletion, and respect their user's privacy is certainly a big part of the User Experience. As an experiment, I'm ...
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Would users understand splitting an Android app's functionality by permission?

Say I'm developing an app for Android tablets that supports offline use, such as a mail or Usenet client. As far as I can tell, most tablets are Wi-Fi-only, and the user is likely to be away from Wi-...
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