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I need a way for the user to select 4 boxes and arrange them in order

In my example I was thinking as the user clicks on a box the checkmark will be selected and there will a border displayed. After selecting the 4 selections they can drag them in order from left to ...
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Hiding and showing menu items in an application based on state

I have an interface with a list of menu items which will take a user to different product features. The features a categorized as follows: Feature' access is controlled with user role (roles don't ...
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How to get users to honestly describe work priority

I am designing a tool who's GUI allows scientific users within my company to submit requests for long simulations to be run on a shared, limited compute resource. When the users submit they're request,...
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Alert colour for system errors

Currently, I'm using amber alert messages for system errors, for a web application I'm designing. The PM came back asking if red alerts would be more suitable for these system errors. My assumption is ...
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Are Sticky Posts Good UX?

We've all seen sticky topics in online forums - a post which is forcibly stuck to the top of the list by the author(or moderators) of said post. Example: I have a case now whereby we have an ...
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Prioritising UX Design Considerations

Does anybody use "Analytical Hierarchy Process" to prioritise their UX design considerations? I am very often been in the position where I am impounded by different criterias and alternatives for ...
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