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2 answers

Payment methods on the product page or checkout?

I'm facing an issue with an e-commerce platform, particularly concerning how the prices of products are affected by various payment options. Some products (not all) offer multiple payment methods, ...
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Total price on the product page before "Add To Cart" button, why not?

I'm having a hard discussion about adding total price per product in product page before adding to cart or not. The situation: Our user normally add more than 1 product to cart and our products have ...
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2 answers

How to display multiple prices on e-commerce?

At my eCommerce site, I need to show 5 different price information. And is difficult to think different as I have already tried some alternatives. I need to show - "was/old price" [RRP (suggested by ...
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3 votes
4 answers

Adjustable price calculation form

i need to solve following business requirement: User gets a monthly premium (price in $) proposal based on his input of: Term (for how long will be paying monthly premium - in years) Sum assured (...
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2 answers

Do I display the old (bigger) price along with the new (lower) price in the cart?

I display the old price (crossed out) and then the new price in the product page, but I am wondering if I should do the same in the cart and in the summary on the checkout page or just show the final ...
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2 answers

How should a quarterly price be displayed- quarterly or monthly (billed quarterly)?

I want to show customers landing on a product page 2 pricing options: annual and quarterly. If customers choose to pay annually they will receive 15% off the price. Quarterly is more expensive as ...
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65 votes
5 answers

Why does an odd number price look smaller than an even number price? [duplicate]

Whenever I go to a fast food restaurant or a store, I noticed that the product prices end with a 9 rather than a 0. Please see the example below. Even though the difference is just 1 pence, people ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Display price with taxes or not?

I need to decide whether to show prices on an online store with or without taxes. This is significant for the site and the user as the service is labeled as the cheapest on the market. If taxes ...
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