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Questions tagged [predictive-text]

The process of deriving the words a user might be trying to enter by looking at the keys they have pressed on a device. Usually associated with numeric keypads on mobile phones.

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1 vote
2 answers

What is the Best Predictive Search Results Bolding Pattern?

Trying to determine the "best" bolding pattern for predictive results in the search dropdown on an e-commerce site. Option 1: bolding the search query as the user types it in Option 2: ...
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0 answers

How smart is GBoard keyboard's Predictive Suggestions bar? [closed]

When typing texts on my Android phone the suggestion bar always shows 3 possible 'words'. Often the suggestions are good, but could be a lot better if the algorithm simply took in to account parts of ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Showing predictive text on app login screens

I've noticed that most apps don't show predictive text suggestions on keypads on login screens. Why is that? Is there some security issue around entering password?
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Speed and accuracy of text entry methods on smart phones?

Are there any comparisons between the different text entry methods within the restricted interface size afforded by a smart phone. Specifically between T9 predictive text, on-screen keyboard with ...
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