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the location in time or space of a control or element, position is often controlled to imply meaning or emphasis for an item.

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Optimal placement of share on Twitter/Facebook/social media widget on web page to encourage use

Like most every site out there, I develop a site where we encourage people to share the content through Twitter and Facebook. Also, like most other sites, the placement of the widgets is in a fixed ...
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Submit Buttons on the Left or the Right?

We have been puzzling over where to put the submit button, on the left or the right. In researching, we noticed that many sites put buttons on the bottom right in dialogue boxes, and on the bottom ...
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close button on the left or right side? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What is the important aspect to consider when deciding where windows interaction buttons should be placed? From a ux point of view, does it make a difference if the close ...
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Is it a bad idea to put the logo in the top-right corner and the navigation in the top-left?

Firstly I would like to say that I don't think there is a concrete rule about where the logo on a website should be – but intuitively I think it should be in the top left at least for continuities ...
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QuickBooks UI and (still on) buttons position criteria

My company is redesigning one of its accounting software. Intuit's QuickBooks is something that be considered in the same market field, so I took a look at its UI. Here is the invoice management: ...
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social share buttons best position

If you go to any site with content you will have social share buttons. I was wondering where would you consider the best position for social buttons. I saw 3 approaches: bottom of the content page ...
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In a grid, how to manually reorder rows?

I wish to let my users reorder elements in a grid - not do automatic sorting on a column. They select which element is the first, which one comes after the other, etc. I thought of and saw some ...
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Its good , bad or neutral from psychological point of view to place a cart on the bottom of a page

I am thinking a lot the matter of the position of the ajax cart. I have place my temporary show cart on the bottom of the page. This is just an information for the user when its add products on the ...
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