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the location in time or space of a control or element, position is often controlled to imply meaning or emphasis for an item.

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Submit Buttons on the Left or the Right?

We have been puzzling over where to put the submit button, on the left or the right. In researching, we noticed that many sites put buttons on the bottom right in dialogue boxes, and on the bottom ...
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close button on the left or right side? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What is the important aspect to consider when deciding where windows interaction buttons should be placed? From a ux point of view, does it make a difference if the close ...
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Placement of flash/growl notifications or messages in web application

Question I have been wading through tons of questions on the topic of flash/growl notifications, but none of them touch on where those notifications should be placed and why they should be placed ...
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Optimal placement of share on Twitter/Facebook/social media widget on web page to encourage use

Like most every site out there, I develop a site where we encourage people to share the content through Twitter and Facebook. Also, like most other sites, the placement of the widgets is in a fixed ...
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Why are login forms centered?

Why are login forms always centered on the screen? Most horizontally, some vertically also. Sites like Apple/Amazon/Adobe/Microsoft/Google/PayPal/Instagram/Twitter etc. are all centered! Is this an ...
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social share buttons best position

If you go to any site with content you will have social share buttons. I was wondering where would you consider the best position for social buttons. I saw 3 approaches: bottom of the content page ...
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2 answers

centered logo ok?

I'm designing a website for a rather unknown software company. The company likes the design but cannnot get along with our desicion to center their logo on the top of their page, although all the ...
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59 votes
11 answers

Why is the input field always at the bottom of a chat window?

It seems like the input field for writing your messages in a chat application is always placed at the bottom of the conversation. Do we have any argument for this seen in a UX perspective?
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18 votes
4 answers

Should radio options be displayed vertically or horizontally?

For Example: Results must match () All () Any () None Of the search criteria vs Results must match () All of the search criteria () Any () None The ...
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Should the description of a picture be above it or below?

There are many places where we've to put an image one below the other and write their description in a line or so. Where should the description text be? above it or below? I know the best option is ...
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Would putting a submit button at the top of a long form be usable?

I have a form with 3 long columns of checkboxes where the user needs to check whatever options she/he needs. Sortening the amount of checkboxes is not an option Im afraid. Our users are mostly in the ...
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6 votes
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In a grid, how to manually reorder rows?

I wish to let my users reorder elements in a grid - not do automatic sorting on a column. They select which element is the first, which one comes after the other, etc. I thought of and saw some ...
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2 answers

Button positioning for Negative, Neutral and Positive actions

I'm in the process of putting together a style guide for a web application, in particular, a section about buttons (it's visual weight, position and labelling). I'm almost there, I've done a lot of ...
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1 answer

Best place on screen to put drag and drop

I'm having a set of items and a set of groups, The items can be dragged and dropped onto the groups to make a different combinations as user wants. Now my question is which is the best place on ...
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Whats the design rationale behind putting the pagination of the bottom end of the search results?

If you look at the search results provided by Google and Bing,they have their pagination right at the bottom (after all the search results in a page are displayed) I was just wondering about the ...
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Best position and labels for buttons on an order creation page

I have a "create order" interface which already includes several buttons. Please have a look at the screenshot below: ![enter image description here][1] My Question: I need to add a new button ("...
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Selection state position after selecting/onload

I'm wondering for a UI element like this, where users can select an option, what should the on-load positioning be? Should the selected item be first? or should I have a divider for selected and the ...
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