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Usually refers to a window that appears over part of a web page in response to some action.

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Tray Icon application with pops up alerts

I am coding a Tray Icon application in Java - it runs in the background & polls a server. On receiving a particular message from the server the application pops up an alert from the Tray Icon. The ...
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Overlay Vs dedicated page or separate section within the page?

Context We have this situation where we need to display additional information about products that users has selected. The page in question is the page that houses the products, each product is ...
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Should I use popups inside a wizard form?

I have a very long wizard form and I need to add even more information within each step. For now I have decided to add it using pop-ups. I know it is a bad practice, but I can not come up with a ...
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When to elicit user feedback on search results

I am working on a product that provides investigative leads based on a search. We are trying to assess the helpfulness of the leads. Previously we had a good/bad option always present at the top of ...
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User behavior for two multiselect row data table in a popup

What is the best way to organize two huge data table within popup with smoother user flow. A page end user use to create and combine items from different job order. Expected User flow: Select one/...
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Going around Safari's pop-up blocker

Context: We're an insurance company that bought a book of business from another insurance company. Those policies have an external portal to make a payment. We have to redirect to that portal from the ...
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Save search in modal popup

I have a modal popup for save search. to save it I am using popover with name of search and a dropdown under which category I want to save it. It ...
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Show attached files in mobile app: Screen vs Pop-up

We has a section in our mobile app that designed as user feedback service. And faced with question - how the best way to show user their attached files on screen with new form creation? User can ...
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Is it reasonable, If we use popup mode for Single Sign On?

Our applications have OAuth for Google and we use popup mode. The Login page has a button for authorization via Google. But now customers want to use a single sign-on (SSO) for authentication. As I ...
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Is there any pattern to avoid a popup on page load?

I am working on a social media tool, and upon adding a new account it takes me to a new screen but before I can go and view the added account in the new screen I am supposed to set a few toggle? How ...
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