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A plugin is a small extension designed to be run as part of a larger computer program. Please note that recommendations for plugins are off-topic on UX Stack Exchange and on most other sites in the network.

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From a user's point of view, is it important to distinguish between the terms extensions, plug-ins, add-ons and widgets?

With a lot of focus towards customisation of software functionality and interface components, there are some software platforms that choose to go down the path of creating APIs and exposing some of ...
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Custom area borders/shading in Google Maps module [closed]

I have a utilities client looking to allow their customers a way to determine which service area they belong to. I want to allow the customer to search for their address and drop a pin in a Google ...
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Microsoft Office Plugin Enabled/Disabled Indicator?

I want to design a plugin (addin) for Microsoft Office, where I want people to use it while writing emails via Outlook. Also, I want to use my brand colors (flexible, not a major constraint). The ...
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On what basis should software developers opt for optional extensions/plugins to provide users with customisability options? [closed]

I refer to this article, describing Google's 'fix' for their previous reversal of the backspace key functionality in their Chrome browser, as an example of the type of scenario I'm asking about. A ...
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"Complete" indication that doesn't insinuate "correct"?

I have something like a multistep wizard plugin, except that you can freely switch between any step in the wizard, once a selection is made from the bottom choices an overlay appears to signify a ...
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Force users (developers) to remove default styles or add no default styles and look bad

I'm not sure if this question is in bounds, as the users are the developers that will use my plugin. Example: I'm creating a simple modal plugin, it has a header, body, and footer area like a lot of ...
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