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Questions tagged [planning]

Tasks involving a goal-oriented process that has one or more possible routes.

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Design roadmaps

Do you have a design roadmap in your team outlining on which themes/projects/objectives you plan to work on for the next couple of months? If yes, how does it work for you? Do you see any shortcomings?...
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Timeline for Implementing UX Process

I am in the process of presenting and implementing a brand new UI/UX process. I have gotten buy in for the proposed phases of the design process. But I am getting timeline questions regarding how ...
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Research Project Planning - Time estimates for various research methods and phases

Are there any suggested rough estimates for how long user research methods and phases of research planing, execution, and analysis take? I'm trying to get better at project management and planning ...
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Over playing the devil's advocate. How much is too much

During discussions, especially brainstorming sessions for new features in the product, one or more of the members of the group will play the devil's advocate. This might be me or someone else, ...
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How often to review analytics for a client?

I'm trying to write up a UX project plan for a client and I have included a web analytic review in there. My thought is that it would be sufficient to review their web analytics once a month to make ...
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Is a user requirement document commonly used? Is there an alternate name or more common type of document that already exists?

It is common for business analysts to create business requirement documents to detail the business process and rules that underpin how the system needs to behave. It is also common for solution ...
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How do you keep track of the process of an UX project? [closed]

I'm NOT looking for an explanation about User Experience itself. But how to keep track of the (development) process of an UX project. Like how do you plan, manage, measure the UX of an project?
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How to balance existing standards/patterns with your future plans for a product

I recently started working at a company with a reasonably complex product that's been in place for a few years. There are a ton of architecture/interaction/style/consistency issues that I'd love to ...
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What percent of planned development time should be allocated to usability testing? [closed]

In planning the design of a hardware and/or software project, roughly how much time should I expect will go to usability testing? Also, how is the typical amount of time affected (increased or ...
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In what manner should a website be designed to take into account user experience?

As a programmer when building a website I am a terrible designer and normally do not account for the user experience side of the website. I am going to be building a new website and I'm wondering if ...
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Colors for 6 possible activity statuses

I have a GANTT planning application where each activity or job has a status. In the next release users asked for the possibility to add colors to activity statuses however I need to choose a standard ...
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2 answers

If I was asked in an interview to provide a 'written spec' for a form, how would I reply?

I initially left an interview assuming I was going to have to sketch mockups for a registration form that was requested as a test, but when probing for more information I was told that a 'written spec'...
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2 answers

How can end users training be integrated to the UX plans?

For many systems, performance can be significantly improved by educating the end users. It might even be argued that training is required to achieve optimal system performance: IIRC, Robert N. ...
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What is a good approach to starting a really big project?

I've recently been challenged with a very hefty redesign for a major financial tool. Most everything about this application is a mess. (They've been building it for the last 10 years, and I'm the ...
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How do you present tags and other non-hierarchical meta data as a delivery for your client?

It used to be so simple. A web site was always built around a hierarchical structure that made the sitemap fairly easy to visualise. But then came the blogs, the tags and contextual navigation along ...
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3 answers

How to set up a "war room"

I've seen a couple of web agencies using the term "War room" to describe a place where they sit and and brainstorm web projects. The room usually contains a lot of sketches on the walls and it all ...
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Outline to improve the user experience

I am working on a project that is basically a search engine for food. It tells you the nearest place that serves the dish you want to eat. They requested me to make a simple outline about our actual ...
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How do you currently manage wireframes and storyboards for software releases?

I'm working on a project which requires wireframing in an Agile environment (2-week sprints). My wireframes and storyboards contain features for immediate release as well planning as for future ...
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