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Representation of transparent color in a color picker without confusion with white color

I have a color picker to choose the background color of a rectangle in a Figma-like editor. One of the colors is white rgba(255,255,255,1), and another one is transparent rgba(0,0,0,0). On the image ...
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2 answers

Item picker (with search filters) UX

In my school web app, teachers can create exams and pick exercises to put in them from a big "exercise pool" they previously created. The exam editor allows teachers to create slots and to ...
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2 answers

What could be the best practice for a long list of options in a mobile based wizard with the possibility to select nothing?

I am trying to redesign a wizard step in a mobile application setup. The user should input the year and months of experience and there should be an option to select something like "I don't have ...
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Need design that allows users to pick from existing documents

A key feature of our product (which creates legal documents for companies) is our data room, which stores their corporate documents. The data room has a large directory of pre-existing folders that ...
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4 answers

How should I provide the “select nothing” option in my icon picker?

I work on a desktop application that lets people create visual scripts. They can add properties to objects, and every property can have a user-defined icon for easy identification. I have added a ...
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Is there any scientific results on the difficulty of picking elements from a list?

I am looking for a reasonably formal study of the impact of the number of elements in a list (e.g. a dropdown menu) on the time, effort, and loss of comfort for the user whose task it is to pick one ...
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1 answer

How would you illustrate days progression within a month (elapsed days)?

I am looking for a visual way to display the elapsed and remaining days within a month without displaying a calendar. Basically the purpose of the app is to reach a goal in a month time frame. So ...
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