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For questions involving physical interfaces and interactions with "real world" objects.

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Is "at the front" top, or bottom?

At our office we have a dual garbage bin behind a door. Let's put aside the fact that you have to open a door, and then pull out the bins. What has puzzled me is that the labels were placed on each ...
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Is there evidence that shows stairs with open risers are less safe than those with risers

I know code allows open risers but I am trying to find more definitive information on safe design. As usual, opinion and anecdote is easy to find but I haven't seen a more academic/scientific look at, ...
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How do people with vision impairment access buildings requiring a swipe card?

With many of the commercial and corporate buildings now having more strict control around entries and exits, I was wondering in terms of accessibility how people with vision impairment are provided ...
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Best UX pattern for uploading multiple pictures on a mosaic

I am building an online print on demand tool. The final result is a physical object with several faces, each face containing an user-uploaded picture. I want users to be able to upload a pictures from ...
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What is going on with the user interface of the gas range/oven in the apt I moved into?

Similar to/inspired by Why do stove dials rotate from "max to min" instead of "min to max"? but actually the opposite on many points. At this new-for-me (pretty terribly run IMO) ...
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In hotel lifts requiring swipe card access, is it normal to swipe or press the floor button first?

Having been overseas to a number of different countries recently, I noticed that there doesn't seem to be any convention when it comes to the way people are meant to use the hotel lifts. Some guests ...
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