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Placeholder Profile Photos or Initials

Currently, I am working on how to increase engagement with profiles that have not set up a profile image. We currently have a person as a placeholder image (the common genderless placeholder photo), ...
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What are best practices for on/off toggle on sensitive/adult content (specifically when it comes to photos) example included?

For example, on a website that has a gallery of Breast Implant procedures before and after photos, if the photos are blurred by default with an eye icon and users have to click on any one of the ...
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Auto scan or manual capture in ID verification case

The case is to verify users' ID documents (ID, drivers licence, passport) via smartphone. The goal is to get a clear and sharp photo of their ID for this step. We currently can do 2 options: A. auto ...
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A quick and convenient way to attach photos

There is an application with which engineers check equipment. Engineers photograph equipment before and after testing. The application looks something like this: The user would have to: Click the ...
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Multiple photo upload zone e.g. before photos and after photos

I am working on an app that lets users fill in a report of the job they have been given. These reports are generally of physical assets. e.g. a fish tank. In the report, the user has to show proof ...
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Should lightbox be opened before or after image is loaded?

There is a simple photo gallery: Clicking on image opens a dialog with larger version of it: We can do this in two ways: First: User clicks on a thumbnail We show loading indicator over the ...
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Mobile product page image gallery - what should be the default zoom state?

For example, there is product page on mobile website or app that looks like this: User taps on image to zoom it in - what should happen? Should it fit into viewport, like this: Or should it fill ...
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Archetype photo's vs. placeholder

For context: Users can search for products and find listings of products with photo & product details. But there are also a lot of products with no product details & photo of the product, ...
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Navigation - photo albums & chat [closed]

We are currently building a community site (hobby-project) and are having some issues with some ux-patterns. Our site has a header with some navigation, left sidebar used for filters or other stuff (...
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Visually grouping items in wishlist

I am building a wishlist that allows the user to create groups of items without affecting the master wishlist (i.e. users can add an item to a group through tagging. One item can be on two different ...
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Photo contest form

I'm in some trouble trying to find out how to make a photo contest form where there are different categories and x numbers of files for each category, every file has a text input so they can give the ...
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What is the preferred image size for List items in a mobile application? [closed]

First of all we are talking about a Real Estate application where the user is presented with a List full of apartments. Each list item has a Photo, Title, Price and the classic favorite icon. ...
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How to handle the cover when a photo album opens straight to the lightbox?

Think of a situation when one or more albums are represented by a single image. Clicking a album will not result in a navigation to the album's own URL. They open in the lightbox right away. The ...
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For a Dating app registration, ask for photo or questionnaire first?

When the user is first registering for the dating app, which user experience is better, to allow them to upload some photos FIRST, and fill out a questionnaire second, or the other way around? My ...
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Imagery - Photos, illustrations or both?

I am currently working for a retail company that has a successful in-store branding that is 99% illustration. But there has been many discussions over bringing such a strong illustration style to the ...
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What is the difference between 'live photos' and a video? [closed]

Apple made an interesting advertisement showcasing one of the latest features of iPhone 6 Plus called 'live photos', and from the ad it looks like an image which when you click on it play a 3-5 sec ...
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Various UI patterns for connecting panoramic images in a virtual tour

Here is the problem: There is a number of panoramic images available, made mostly in the indoor environment. Our user is assembling them all into a virtual tour, where a different kind of user will ...
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