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Distinguish between the actual (natural, physical) properties of an object and how it is actually perceived. The term "Affordance" is generally employed in product design and deals with real, physical objects while "perceived- affordance" focuses on how it is percevied by the end user.

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Which animation or visual queue indicates that there's more content below on mobile

designing a form on a mobile app. It's not visible within a single screen, yet not long enough to be on a 2nd screen. My question is, what kind of animation or visual queue can i use to create an ...
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Is there any way (or best practise) to measure the perceived workload caused by a software on a certain user?

Perceived Workload has a subjective character trait, but I would like to find a way how one can measure for example the perceived workload from any individual. Here I mean the workload, which is ...
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When do users understand that a wizard navigation bar is clickable?

In my web application, I use a wizard navigation bar like the one in the image: While getting feedback from a fellow designer, he asked me if the progress bar is clickable. In my mind, most wizard ...
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Which of these slider handles have the most affordance?

Working on a filter for desktop, and need to decide which kind of filter handle giveS the user the obvious impression that they can use it as a slider. Any other suggestions besides the above are ...
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Left-align or right-align a Call to Action button?

We are creating online presentation, and most of the text on the pages is centred, on the last page we have CTA, the button leads to a different website, that is aligned to the left. I was asked to ...
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Why do we say that door knobs afford twisting?

So many basic discussions of affordances begin with the example of door knobs affording twisting. It seems to be the second example used in Norman's 1988 definition, even. However a symmetric round ...
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What is the concept of a brief period before providing a signal called?

This question is illustrated by my personification of 3 microwave ovens: Microwave 1 is rude. It beeps when time expires and keeps beeping even after I open the door. It also beeps to cancel settings ...
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Gamification: Scalability and affordance of visual rewards? [closed]

By the end of 2014, Gartner Research Report predicts that over 70 percent of Global 2000 organizations will have at least one "gamified" application, and that "gamification is positioned to become ...
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