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Questions tagged [payment]

Payment usually refers to electronic fund transfers in e-commerce checkouts.

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7 votes
3 answers

Where should I display 'free shipping if payment by debit card'?

I've been working on an e-commerce website, and the stakeholders want to add the following text: 'free shipping if payment by debit card'. Where should I display this on the website? I think the most ...
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120 votes
10 answers

Splitting credit card number fields into four different inputs

I have previously been using 4 fields for the credit card number, splitting up each set of 4 numbers to make it easier to enter. I am now thinking about having one field, which inserts spaces after ...
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21 votes
7 answers

Should we ask for name on card even though it's not required for credit card payments?

The name on card is not used when processing credit card payments. Paypal does not ask the user to enter the name on card when saving a card to the "wallet", while does. The benefit of ...
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17 votes
4 answers

Recording Debit/Credit Card Details at the start of a 'Free Trial'?

Does anyone have experience, analytics or similar on the impact of taking payment details at the start of a free trial period for a product? It's one of the things I hate the most about trialing ...
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16 votes
5 answers

Which color for a "Pay now" button?

I know there is no such thing as one good color that can be universally accepted, but I've been told orange is the "right color" for the payment button, and it is notable to see how both Paypal and ...
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14 votes
4 answers

Does adding PayPal to a checkout increase conversion rate?

Right now we only accept payment by Debit or Credit Cards. We see a lot of customers getting to the cart confirmation and then not completing the order. I personally feel this is because the page ...
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10 votes
5 answers

Credits or Money?

Today we were discussing our "credit system" for our website. At our company, clients can pay us money to get credits. One credit represents one dollar. But what is the best way of represent the ...
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