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the human ability to notice repeating patterns in information and to memorise these patterns

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Are there any alternatives to using an asterisk (*) to indicate optional fields inside a form?

I am working on the web app and I need your suggestion for the below issue. In this case, I don't want to keep an 'Optional'(Solution) beside the text.
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Is it an issue to replicate browser autocomplete styling to represent mandatory fields?

I am designing a complex software application used by enterprise clients, which has a large amount of data entry forms (as is the nature of the work being done on there). The application is available ...
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How to communicate the user that they are leaving one informational space and go to the other when both of the spaces visually identical?

If the user wants to see the child data set and clicks the corresponding field in the "Parent data listing" the link leads to the next table "Child data listing". Both tables visually identical and ...
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Using flags vs. three-letter codes for countries

Do you think replacing country flags with three-letter country codes gives a better experience? I have seen lot of users facing problem in detecting countries' flags when shown small. The attached ...
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Is using screen unlock pattern feature a good option for login on mobile web

trying to come up with way(s) to reduce the users' drop off rate on mobile login/registration on a mobile web ecommerce site. 1 method i think could work and would like to probably test would be a ...
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Speed of Users Understanding Symbols / Icons

I'm looking for some research that tries to establish how quickly a user will recognize or understand symbols / icons that they: Have Seen Before Have Not Seen Before Obviously a user will be able ...
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Why not put Refine/Faceted Search on the right instead?

Context: I’m designing a classic search engine for academics so they can find download paper published by their peers. Situation: When users are presented with a numbered list of results, sorted by ...
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Are there any established patterns or models for haptic feedback?

With the rise of smart watches and other haptic-enabled peripherals, it seems inevitable that there will need to be a set of established patterns that will be immediately (or with the smallest ...
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How long does the User remember?

I'm wondering for how long the User holds the knowledge about a site? Assuming that you (as User) came to a new website, browse it for a while, accomplish your goals and then leave. You have learned ...
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Is it a good or bad idea for a video player to have the play button in the top-left corner?

Do you think it is a good or bad idea, and why? Also, why do you think Comedy Central (e.g., The Daily Show) put their play button in the top-left corner instead of the middle?
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Passive Aggressive (consider revising) - will spell checker detect possible inappropriate language?

On occasion I'm in the wrong mood for writing e-mails, word documents and presentations. I know when that happens, and I "let it snow" a little before submitting. But if this was possible to detect, I'...
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Panel arrangement and responsive design

In a user interface it is often appropriate to use to panels arranged in a grid to display content, either as a way of showing content instances to a user or as a way of arranging content instances ...
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