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the process and interface which deals with users who do not know what password they need to access an account

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Why did Slack abort magic link? [closed]

In the past, if I forgot my password, either on app or desktop, Slack asked me to provide my email, then it would send a magic link to my email, then I just click on it and logged in. That UX seemed ...
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Password recovery workflow for app and website

I work in a company that has four mobile apps. Those apps have an iOS and an Android version. Also, we have the main website. Having registered, users can log in to the main website or any of the ...
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When should users be notified of a pending password expiration

Like many, I am required to change my password periodically. When it is about to expire, I am notified on the logon screen (I connect via VPN), but this notification begins two weeks (14 days) before ...
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"We emailed instructions to [email protected]"

I tried to login at a big-brand site with email and password and got the answer "Wrong email or password". I tried to reset my password by entering the same email address. Please check your email ...
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What's the best way to handle password reset requests where the user hasn't registered with the entered email address

Within a secure password reset function of a web application where the email address is the unique account identifier, what would be the best way to handle password reset requests where no matching ...
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Why not sign up new users when an unknown email is entered into "forgot password"?

On occasion I try to log in to a site that it turns out I am not registered with. I try to log in, get failed password attempts, and then click forgot password. At this point, one of two things ...
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Why enter again (or at the very least confirm) my email address when I click "Forgot password"?

In most, if not all, web forms for logging into a site, you have your forgot password link. When clicking the link, you get a new form (usually in a new page) either empty (!) or prefilled with the ...
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Redundant : enter user id again for forgot password

Many a times, I use forgot password link after trying a password that I think is correct but doesn't work. In other words I have already provided my userid/email address. Since the password is ...
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How do I encourage user to give genuine mobile number for sending password in sign up?

In our site, we send the password to user's mobile number when he/she sign up. But user tends to ignore the fact that password will be sent to his/her mobile number. For this reason some user ...
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Password recovery process: temporal password vs. change it yourself

I'm looking for analyzing if giving a temporal password when some user forgets its actual password and requires to log into an application (in my case, it's a Web application) is a good idea. From my ...
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Wouldn't it be a good UX practice to give hints to users to help them remember their passwords?

Although most of the places on the internet allow users to login with their existing Google or Facebook account, there are still many places where this is not an option. In such cases, remembering ...
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Potential UX issues with password-less logins?

There is a fantastic article entitled Is it time for password-less login? that suggests that we could use the "reset password" link as the default login action to any site. It provides a lot of ...
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Should password complexity be shown at login page?

I believe most (or at least: many) users have passwords pretty much standard - they tend to use even literally the same password for most of the systems they access. This is insecure, of course, but ...
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Forgot password--- show the rules for that passphrase? [duplicate]

I know there's been a lot of discussion about password strength and indicators when signing up. I often find that when I forget a password for a site, its because I can't remember which set of rules ...
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Forgotten username, password or both

I am having some trouble with the wording of the following: Forgotten your Username or Password? Both? Where Username, Password and Both are links. Is there a need for the Both option or should ...
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Rationale for placing forgotten password link in the field

In the above example the forgotten password link is placed in the password field. I'm curious, what, if any, are the user experience considerations that led the designers to do this?
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