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Pizza menu design that makes it easy to find the ingredients you want? [closed]

I came across this recently: and I thought it could be improved by extracting the common ingredients into columns, like this: code I find the table intimidating at first. But once you understand it,...
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Usability Testing of Paper Forms

I am trying to come up with a test plan for a usability study of paper forms. Does anyone have any expertise in this area? There is lots of information on how to do it for web and electronic. However, ...
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Paper on the significance of terminology regarding users

Does anyone know of material regarding the significance of terminology in (participatory) design processes? I'm looking for theory regarding cases such as this: If some users are patients being ...
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How to present paper sketches to a remote client?

My process, at the very start, usually involves loads of back and forth feedback because I rather show the client something as soon as possible to see if I'm going in the right direction and like that ...
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Is it worth to spend this much of time for paper prototyping?

I just stumbled upon this video on YouTube and thought of sharing with you on ux.stackexchange. - (UX prototyping tutorial: Paper prototyping techniques | My ...
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Tracking what users are drawing on a piece of paper in real time

As part of our research in an HCI project, we need to track what users are drawing on pieces of paper in real time. Due to some requirements, we cannot replace the paper with anything digital. What we ...
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How detailed does a paper-mockup have to be?

The question looks silly but I'm currently working on a small project that involves creating a paper mockup. The point is to learn and understand how paper mockups help to do user centered design (...
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Create a 'detective board' for a web application

I would like to create a map of the web application that we are building at the company that I work at. I'd like to stress that it HAS to be physical, so not created digitally. I feel that paper, ...
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Paper form - how to present opt out options

I have a paper form that is quite complex where customers filling up the form tends to gloss over the options and just submit without going through all the details. This causes an operational headache ...
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How to solve a space/content conflict in a paper form

Imagine a form that tradespeople use to manage safety on worksites. The form helps the worker identify potential safety hazards and suggests techniques for minimising risk. It also guides the worker ...
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