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Odd click behavior where my users are clicking non-linked headings

Issue: Site users clicking the title tag of my website's product pages. Over the last six months a total of seven percent of my customers who visited product pages decided to click on the product ...
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2 answers

Are changing titles a good idea?

We are designing the homepage for a B2B website. Sales and marketing are asking us to include changing titles on the user's landing. That means the title changes between 6 different titles that tell ...
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Which is the proper grammatical structure of page titles? [closed]

We have a pages that are labeled inconsistently and I suggested that we use more affirmative syntax. "Manage Audiences" is a page title which reads poorly and doesn't sound right. "Audiences," is ...
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Should I use entity names in page titles?

Should I put entity name in page title when editing? For example, when I edit an event, should the page title include event name (Edit Faculty Meeting), or should it be general (Edit event) for all ...
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