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Search page design with logical operators

I have a page that displays a set of records. The page has filter section to search records. currently the logical operator AND is applied between all the filter conditions. Now the requirement for ...
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Paging Control vs UITabBar on iOS

This is the starting page of my App. Trips, Chats and Settings at the bottom are in UITabBar If user clicks on a trip/group, (s)he is leaded to the following Group Home. (This page is 'pushed' on '...
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Navigating through app with follow-up screens

For my internship assignment I'm making a (iOS) reporting app for a client that will be used in-house. My client and I both have little experience in the design of iOS. I went to my client with paper ...
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Pagination at bottom of pages only

I'm considering having the pagination menu shown only at the bottom of pages on my website Also to save screen real estate on mobile devices The pagination looks like this PAGE 1/3 >> or &...
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What's the name of this vertical tab-like menu control?

I've been trying to recreate this sort of component in JavaFX for a while. The thing is, it looks like a ListBox yet each item functions like a tab. In web design, I'd simply call this a "navigation ...
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How should the form control buttons be arranged?

Where is the best place to show form actions in a system (CRUD buttons*)? I have currently placed them in a sticky header that follows a user down the page so as to always show the controls, which is ...
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Buttons in the "tab area" of a page control

Is it OK to put buttons (or a toolbar) in the "tab area" of a page control? In the example above, the number of tabs is fixed. The rationale behind this is to "save space". However. It "feels" ...
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