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Self registration vs. Admin registration

We are building a web system where each organization/institution has an account to manage credits (pricing). Each institution can then have individual users (with separate logins) that use the same ...
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How to display large amounts of data on one page with existing tabs as navigation?

I have a web application that uses the left navigation for major functionality and tabs for displaying different information within a function. One function is to enroll in something. There are ...
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Main menu organization and usability patterns

I have a main menu at my application. We are refactoring the UI of the application, and we are thinking about reorganize the menu items. We are considering 2 options: leave as it's alpha sort My ...
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Should you separate Pictures and Video or is it better to have a multimedia section?

Is there any research or case studies regarding combining pictures and video into one page (multimedia section) is better (or worse) than separating the two into individual sections?
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Best way to combine object selection and object editing in a dialog

There might potentially be a very straight forward solution to this, but I'm can't see it, hence the question. I'm wondering what is the best way to structure a dialog where the user can select items ...
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Does .org really makes your visitor trust you more than .com?

I'm currently launching a new storytelling community, which its goal isn't targeted as making profit. Should we use .com or .org? Talking beside buying both, I prefer .org since we're a community ...
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What are common terms for sections of a web application behind and not-behind login?

I'm looking for some concise recognizable terms to help code organization for pages or content of a web application that are either behind a login or not behind a login.
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Name for specific design type instance

So if you look at my little visual example below, the format on top I assume would just be technically referred to as a Grid or Tabular format, but if you were to break each of those rows out and make ...
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Do you have any recurring weekly or bi-weekly methods of sharing updates? What does that looks like?

I don't know how I can easily show ongoing research efforts to the broader team. As I am going about research and not necessarily synthesizing insights just yet, what are some good ways to signal that ...
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Should Marketing Designers and Product Designers belong to different teams?

I've just joined a SASS company as Head of Design in which I'm leading a team of Product Designers. I learned after a couple weeks that there are also designers under the Marketing team who seem to be ...
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Organizing content using tabs and sidebar

In my customers dashboard (web), they can select products and see their respective stats, edit them... This is organized like this on PC: download bmml source – Wireframes created with Balsamiq ...
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Why is lexicographical organization not considered a continuum? Both Lexicographical (alphabetical) and Chronological seem like they are members of Continuum to me. They can be plotted like any other member ...
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What is a good visual format for a "show" page?

Let's say the user clicks on something that is an entity in the system. In my case, it's a template for a course that students take. On this screen, I want to show various properties of the template ...
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"Non-exclusive categorical organization" (of files, database entries, etc.)

Hopefully this question fits here. I had it posted on another stackexchange site and it was deleted for being off topic--but the problem is this doesn't fit neatly into a topic. It lies on the border ...
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UX/UI for a store/asset library combo.. how to make it easy and useable?

I am working on a product that has a built in asset library. The goal is to access tons of objects in one place in a way our competitors haven’t done well. The tricky part is, there are a) about 2000 ...
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Terminology and UI for AND/OR search in Collections

I'm moving from using Tags to using Collections for my users to organize their items. (See background below for why I'm doing this.) My issue is with AND/OR searching. For example, what would be the ...
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